Quick Guide: Product Master Data Management in Dynamics AX

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Managing product master data can range from simple to complex. Standard Dynamics AX allows for creation and release of a ‘released product’, in its simplest form to creation of a ‘product master’, in its more complex form. A released product will automatically generate a product which can then be used to release to another company, as required. When a product is created directly as a released product or a product master, it is automatically released to the company where created – eliminating the need for company release(s). At the same time, a ‘product’ is created which enables the release to other companies. Product information contains only base information, i.e. item number / name / stopped flags, but no values that would be related to a specific company. Meaning, if the product is handled with a different unit of measure, different vendor, different item group / item model group, etc. this data would be established once the product is selected and updated for release to the required company. This method allows for a product to be created but only released into company(s) where required for operations.
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