Pricing Excellence with Advanced Revenue Management™

The modern global supply chain brings unprecedented pricing challenges with it, including competitors who target your customers, large companies with the power to move markets single-handedly and customers who form APOs or other buying groups with the power to push for lower prices/rebates.

What Keeps You up at Night?

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Competitive Pressure

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Pricing Problems

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Cloudy Finances

Don’t let the pressure of your competitors crush you. If you want to survive or, better yet, prosper, you need visibility and true pricing flexibility.

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Optimize Pricing and Grow Profitability

With Advanced Revenue Management™ software that is a part of the Advanced Supply Chain Software™ suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, you have a powerful pricing and cost management solution to help you optimize pricing, improve margins, and increase profitability.

Whitepaper: The Biggest Profit Secret of All

Very few wholesale distributors have entered the rarified air of 10% EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization). It is superior territory, and less than 1% of distributors make it to that level. What does it take to get there? The number one key may surprise you.


To Manage a Modern Supply Chain, You Need Serious Pricing Capabilities:

Cost to Serve Management

Provides the visibility you need to identify and manage your customer accounts to maximum profitability.

Sales Program with Deal Workbench

Provides ‘what if’ analysis to be converted to active programs. Your deal managers can review, adjust, modify, mix and match potential and existing deals to achieve maximum margins for each one.

Advanced Pricing

Manages multi-tiered discounts and prices based on customer, item, quantity, weight, time, total price, and a multitude of other factors. It even includes Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) logic. Advanced Pricing allows you to “build up” and “build down”.

Advanced Rebates

Manage rebates, pass through agreements and Special Price Agreements without the time-consuming processes of the past.

Cost Deviations

Capture cost deviations based on fixed price per unit, fixed amounts or fixed percentages for ultimate flexibility and insight into unplanned cost changes.

Deductions Management

Allows you to handle any payment differential with a write-off or by posting to a designated General Ledger account based on reason codes such as pricing errors, freight differentials, shipping shortages, damaged goods, and more.

Chargeback Management

Complex supply chains lead to complex business relationships. When sales result in supplier rebates or reimbursements, Chargeback Management handles the entire posting and reimbursement process and applies to both customers and vendors.

Pricing Coordinator Role Center

Provides one stop to manage all pricing and promotions activities. It also includes pricing specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reports.

Advanced Commissions Management

Simplifies the process and improves accuracy by calculating both individual and team commissions, regardless of whether commissions are due based on invoice or actual cash receipt. This feature rich functionality is designed to be flexible and meet the majority of commission models employed by the industry.

Advanced Bid Management

Provides complete visibility across the entire company at all price and cost factors for accurate, profitable bidding in even the most complex bids. This feature allows for true management of multiple bids by different contractors for the same job and provides flexible sourcing, delivery.

Advanced Revenue Management™ has all the capabilities you need to manage even the most complex pricing and sales environment simply and conveniently. Every factor that affects pricing and profitability is at your fingertips so you can structure the right price for every deal and know exactly which customers are the most valuable to your business success. Stop leaving money on the table and improve your total profitability with Advanced Revenue Management™ from I.B.I.S.


Together, We Drive Your Revenue


At I.B.I.S., Inc., a Sonata Software Company, we specialize in helping your company align cash flow and technology for the ultimate success. We developed the Advanced Revenue Management™ software with distributors like you in mind. We can help you improve profitability from better visibility and innovative pricing technology, so you can really see your business for what it is, and grow your margins.

We know how vital revenue management solutions are to the overall success of your business. Get the comfort that comes from knowing your software will keep your revenue management on track by contacting us today. We’re more than enthusiastic about our client’s success, and that means YOU!

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