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Advanced Procurement Management™

Procurement or purchasing decisions are made based on many factors like delivery and handling, marginal benefit, price fluctuations, and discounts and relationships. Managing procurement effectively requires a good process and the right tools.

What Keeps You up at Night?

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Money Left on the Table

As a distributor, you buy your products from manufacturers. Leading to an array of agreements associated with the procurement process and have to keep in mind Left to Qualify, LTL or Full Truckload Containers along the way.

Manually tracking your agreements, using a light-weight, or unautomated solution leads to frustration and chaos. Which also means you are likely leaving money on the table. To top it all off, mismanaged agreements translate to vendor and customer satisfaction issues.

What if you had a fully automated solution that provided critical document and agreement information to you in a matter of seconds? That gave you the information you needed to effectively negotiate?

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Make the Most of Your Discounts

Keep important agreement information at your fingertips with Advanced Procurement Management™ a software solution that is a part of the Advanced Supply Chain Software™ suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. Advanced Procurement Management™ keeps all your important data in one place so you can take advantage of discounts, time frames, etc. Maximize your discounts, and have the right data to negotiate your vendor discounts.

The Big Picture: Plan to Profit

Embrace an analytics-driven culture with a destination-focused business management approach. Focus is shifting to Plan to Profit from the traditional Order to Cash. This Whitepaper highlights the significant benefits of a Plan to Profit approach.


To Manage a Modern Supply Chain, You Need:

Advanced Landed Cost

Obtain a true understanding of the real cost for your products. Landed costs are calculated based on an estimate originally, and actuals as they are available. Real costs are captured by vessel, container, purchase order and line item quantity.

Buyer’s Console

Intelligent purchase requirement consolidation. Effectively consolidate plan to purchase requirements – from your MRP calculations or what you have manually created and can be modified by automatic EOQ or minimum order points calculations based on vendor minimums, and price break thresholds.

Purchase Price Enhancements

Purchase price functionality offers tiered discounts by currency amount or weight.

Product Creation at Order Entry (Item on the Fly)

Search the master catalog for vendor items or add new products to the catalog but only release and create the product in the item master at the conversion of the quote to the sales order.

Special Pricing for DropShips and Alternate Vendors

The sourcing matrix is enhanced to allow linking sales and purchase trade agreements. When a sourcing rule is applied to a sales order or purchase order, specific trade agreements can be applied for special scenarios like dropships or alternative vendors.

Request for Quotations Linked to Sales

Perform sourcing activity from sales and automated request for quotations (RFQ) acceptance upon successfully winning the quote.

Advanced Procurement Management™ has all the capabilities you need to fully and intelligently manage procurement. Keep discount and negotiation information front and center so you can get the best price for your organization. Stop overlooking key processes and strategies and ultimately leaving cash on the table. Improve your procurement process driving your total profitability with the leader in procurement software solutions, Advanced Procurement Management™ from I.B.I.S.


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We know how crucial effective procurement system software is to the overall success of your operation. Experience the comfort that comes from knowing your software will allow you to have full visibility into all aspects of procurement. We’re obsessed with the success of our clients, and that means YOU!

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