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With all the challenges businesses face in today’s complex environment, the stakes are just too high to base decisions on guesswork, rules of thumb or outdated information. You need real business insight, and you need it fast.

What Keeps You up at Night?

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Outdated Information

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Cloudy Visibility

Meetings that begin with discussions about whose spreadsheet has the “right” data are a frustrating waste of time. Banish that discussion from your business and start basing business decisions on real insight based on facts.

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Business Driving Data

With Advanced Business Analytics™ software,  a part of the Advanced Supply Chain Software™ suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, you have the real-time data you need to drive your business. No business can afford to run on guesswork. You need insight to make the right decisions. Advanced Business Analytics™ delivers the insight you need, when you need it, quickly and cost effectively.

Whitepaper: 3 Keys to Analytics that Work

The whirling mass of data in the digital age has made the old adage “like drinking from a fire hose” seem trivial. Even our unromantic wholesale distribution industry, rarely thought of as a leader in digitization, is caught in the data vortex. The data challenge has given rise to an urgent interest in the use of analytics, the information resulting from systematic study of data. Read this whitepaper to learn how to focus on the right info that increases margins.


To Manage a Modern Supply Chain, You Need:

Cost to Serve Reports

You can improve overall profitability by identifying the cost to serve of all your customers. You may choose to “fire” the unprofitable customers and provide special services to your best customers once you know which accounts fall into each category.

Customer Service Reports

By providing insight into delivery patterns, you can identify problems with distribution centers or partners that may be adversely affecting your customer relationships. Backorders, returns and partials can affect your margin as well as your customer relationships.

Inventory Turns Reports

Your inventory turns ratio shows how effectively you are using your inventory investment, and can help you identify possible issues that drag down profitability. Compare your inventory turns to your most-effective competitors to determine whether you need to take action to improve your processes.

Transportation Reports

Freight and logistics charges are often overlooked sources of margin erosion, with the transportation reports insight you will be able to identify problems and resolve issues that cost you money.

Warehouse Productivity Reports

Warehousing and material handling can be a source of competitive differentiation when they are effective and efficient.

Marketing Effectiveness Reports

One of the hardest things to measure is marketing effectiveness, yet you shouldn’t spend money blindly hoping for results. Measure campaigns and gain the insight you need to know which campaigns aren’t working and which are bringing in good high quality leads at a reasonable cost per lead.

Financial Performance Reports

Have the necessary insight any time you want. Monitor performance by customers, products, warehouses, sales person as well as traditional financial reports such as accounts receivable aging.

Advanced Business Analytics™ gives you the high level reporting needed to track the overall success of your operation, with the ability to drill down to specifics and make adjustments. It has all the capabilities you need to monitor performance and identify when results start to slip before you start to lose customers. Ensure that you aren’t paying unnecessary freight charges, annoying customers or even leaving possible revenue on the table with Advanced Business Analytics™ from I.B.I.S.


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Chuck Moore, VP, Operations at James M. Pleasants Company

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Supply Chain Analytics

We know how important the right data and KPIs are to your overall business success. Guesswork simply won’t cut it. You need insight to make the right decisions at the right time.

At I.B.I.S., Inc., a Sonata Software Company, we are pros in helping your company focus on the right measurements through technology for true success. We created the Advanced Business Analytics™ software with distributors like you in mind. We can help you drive profitability with more accurate numbers and meaningful information to make better decisions.

How Much Longer Can You Sustain Your Cash Flow?

Ignoring your problems won’t make them go away. Can you afford not to increase your margins? See what kind of return you could yield today.


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