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I.B.I.S. understands mobility challenges, plus the many more that you face in managing your business. Like the challenges of margin pressure, efficient operations and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. Give your team the upper hand with Advanced CRM for Distributors™.

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Business Driving Information

Advanced CRM for Distributors™ is a comprehensive solution built into Microsoft Dynamics 365 by industry experts to provide immediate access to needed customer information out in the field. It works with the Advanced Supply Chain Software™ suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations to provide full visibility from back office, processes, planning and financials to customer insights and key customer strategy.

Leveraging our knowledge and experience in global supply chain management Advanced CRM for Distributors™ was created. It’s a solution that will assist your company for Sales, Service, Management, and Marketing. Customers are demanding more today; and using this tool offers your business the ability to meet those demands!

Whitepaper: Five Attributes of Tomorrow’s Distributors

The distribution industry has changed a great deal over the past several years. Generational issues have led to consolidation. The web has forever changed information sourcing and is revolutionizing the purchasing function. Millennials are joining the distribution industry, margin erosion is continuing and customers demand a higher level of service.


To Manage a Modern Supply Chain, You Need to:

Increase Customer Visibility with Customer Level Goal Metrics

  • Easily send marketing messages to your customers and prospects
  • Automate your marketing efforts
  • Manage vendors
  • Quick view into customer order history
  • Create more soft touches
  • Know your customers personally and by profitability with Key Account Management

Increase Productivity with Mobility and Automation

  • Automated workflows
  • Organized sales process
  • Fewer lost sales due to lack of information
  • Easy to use with its familiar Microsoft interface
  • Mobile access offers information anytime – anywhere
  • Quick visibility into pricing for accurate quotes

Increase Profit from Better Dashboard and KPI Management

  • Business Intelligence that can be viewed to create a plan of action
  • Track leads and sales
  • Manage your sales force effectively
  • Collaboration throughout your business

Drive Technology Effectiveness with Integration

  • Easy integration with your ERP
  • No data silos

Advanced CRM for Distributors™ offers your reps needed mobile access to customer level goal metrics, dashboards with KPIs, inventory and discount information. Stop the calls back to the office from customer meetings. Give your team what the need to be informed and prepared at customer meetings. Improve your customer related processes ultimately driving your profitability with Advanced CRM for Distributors™ from I.B.I.S.


Better Customer Service, Together


At I.B.I.S., Inc., A Sonata Software Company, we are experts in helping your company uncover ways to better leverage the valuable information within your data. We developed Advanced CRM for Distributors™ with you in mind.

We know how crucial immediate access to customer information is to the overall success of your business. Experience the sense of security that comes from knowing you’re your reps have all the information they need  whenever they need it to keep customers satisfied, by contacting us today. We’re obsessed with the success of our clients, and that means YOU!

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I.B.I.S., Inc., A Sonata Software Company, is a member of the elite Microsoft Dynamics Strategic Development Partner program, an honor reserved for those Partners who have demonstrated deep industry and functional expertise.


Experience You Can Trust

The ibis bird is the last to leave in a storm, and the first to return. We pride ourselves on being here when you need us. In our 28 years in business, we’ve never met a distributor we couldn’t help. We know your business - your needs.


Client Approved

“When I think about working with I.B.I.S., I think about 2 things: 1. Manufacturing & Distribution Expertise; 2. Customer Service Focused”
Chuck Moore, VP, Operations at James M. Pleasants Company


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