Looking for a Development Partner that Understands Your Business?

One Who Knows Your Differentiating Business Processes?

I.B.I.S., Inc. has a seasoned development team ready to deliver high quality customized business solutions so you maintain your competitive edge. Our team does it all, from requirements documentation to designing, coding, testing and documenting your code.

Many Microsoft Dynamics Partners will write custom code, but very few will test it and provide documentation, two important aspects of the software development lifecycle that are often overlooked. In fact, lack of documentation for customizations is a reason that clients fear upgrading.

Our development team consists of software development engineers (SDEs) and software test engineers (STEs) who work closely together to bring you the high-quality solutions you need, quickly and cost effectively.

Performance Assessment and Tuning

I.B.I.S. Consultants, consisting of an Engagement Manager and our global delivery team will do a remote review of your AX Production environment and SQL Server database. Taking your input on where you see system speed issues, our team will run diagnostic tools and SQL monitors to evaluate where improvements can be made. Upon completion, we provide an issues report and our recommendations. In addition, after we review the report with you, we provide 80 hours of AX Developer and SQL Administrator time to assist you with implementing some or all of the recommendations.

Webinar: Inventory Reconciliation in Microsoft Dynamics AX - Easing Your Month End Pain

Reconciling inventory at month-end can be a daunting task and the challenge is even worse if you don’t know where to look for discrepancies and their sources. Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics AX can make the process easier for you with pre-built reports designed specifically for inventory reconciliation and identifying discrepancies, making the whole process easier. In this free educational session, Microsoft MVP and I.B.I.S. Senior Consultant Frank Hamelly will walk you through two major components of the Dynamics AX inventory reconciliation ...

SSRS Report Writing

Do you have a need for basic report writing using your existing SSRS deployment model in AX 4, 2009 or 2012? An engagement manager, along with a skilled AX analyst, can help you organize your requirements and then utilize our global delivery team to code and unit test your new or customized reports.  I.B.I.S. offers a full time SSRS expert to you for 1, 2, or even 3 months managed by one of our Consulting Managers or Business Analysts so that you can maximize the value of someone knowing your data and needs. All of the reporting work can be easily coordinated using our proven methodology of design, code and test procedures.

Business Analytics and Intelligence

Are you interested in Dynamics AX Cubes and reporting capabilities? Utilizing the Cubes in AX to create quick analytics reports in Excel or Power BI can provide business insight quickly to your management team and reduce your IT time requirements. I.B.I.S. can assist you with not only the set up and creation of reporting but also with the design and deployment of the Cubes to maximize the value you can mine from the data. I.B.I.S offers dedicated global resource working with our local Engagement Managers to create the best business analytics deployment possible.

General AX Modifications and Development

We have extensive development resources in Dynamics AX, Mobile platforms, and integration technologies. Have you been putting off or have a need to extend the use of Dynamics AX into areas such as salesforce automation, new features, integrations with key legacy systems? Our engagement managers and analysts can work with you to design (or take your designs) and transform them into modification and extensions using our global delivery team. We have resources available that can be assigned to your special project for 1, 2, 3 months or longer.

Regardless of the Dynamics AX customization you need, we have a team of professionals that understand business requirements as well as the technology.  We will work to understand your business so when you extend Dynamics AX with customizations, BI, integrations and reporting, you do it the right with best practices and the right technology.


Global Solutions

Sonata Software is a global IT services firm focused on catalyzing transformational IT initiatives of its clients through deep domain knowledge, technology expertise and customer commitment. The company delivers innovative new solutions for Travel, Retail, Distribution and Consumer Goods industries by integrating technologies such as Omni-channel commerce, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and ERP, to drive enhanced customer engagement, operations efficiency and return on IT investments.

Trusted by Fortune 500

A trusted long-term service provider to Fortune 500 companies across both the software product development and enterprise business segments, Sonata seeks to add differentiated value to leadership who want to make an impact on their businesses, with IT.  Our expertise and commitment in delivering complex strategic IT projects is the reason why we are a trusted service provider to Fortune 500 companies across the globe in the software product development and enterprise business segments.