Improve Supply Chain Velocity and Optimize Margins

Growing Competition. Unbalanced Inventory. Workforce Needs.  Margins Dwindling.  Customer Loyalty.  Global Economics.

What Keeps You Up At Night?

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Margins Below Your Expectations

Establishing pricing that keeps you competitive while optimizing your margins seems impossible. If your margins are lower than you expected, that is simply a symptom that actionable information for management is lacking.  Looking for better access to accurate, current information to improve profitability on OEM, MRO and small-quantity orders?

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A Murky View of Inventory and Financials

Poor margins are just the beginning of your headaches when trying to price both competitively and profitably without really getting into your actual inventory levels, historical sales data, vendor agreements, special pricing agreements, rebates or your actual profit margins from similar orders.

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Rebate Tracking Nightmares

Is tracking the rebates with both customers and vendors time consuming and tricky?  Already tight margins making the rebate process more stressful? How are you tracking and quickly collecting on rebates?  Wanting to have up-to-the-moment view of margins via automated rebate processing?

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Ensuring Compliance

You need your business to be compliant with government standards and to meet customer demands.  That means having your books and record reflect how you adhere to benchmarks.   Whether it is discounts, contractual agreements, products received and sent out, correct payment of rebates, and the list goes on.

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Customer Demands

Needing to build competitive bids, estimates and contracts– with the ability to set appropriate prices to suit customers, jobs and promotions using real-time business intelligence to optimize returns on sales?  Customer requirements ever changing with a larger variety of products and vendors for choices?

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Obsolete Software

Using a legacy system that does not offer complete reporting?  Dealing with two or more systems that don’t work together well?  Is there one person who runs your system and you are afraid they may leave the company?  Do you think upgrading to a new system will not be cost effective?

Looking to?

  • Improve operations across your entire business
  • Drive customer service and profit
  • Integrate with legacy software for enhanced collaboration
  • Build Competitive Bids, Estimates and Contracts
  • Ability to set appropriate prices to suit customers, jobs and promotions
  • Real-time business intelligence to optimize returns on sales
  • Achieve Higher Margins with constant access to accurate, current information
  • Improve profitability on OEM, MRO and small-quantity orders
  • Optimize Sales with an improved ability to cross-sell and up-sell items with better inventory visibility built right into your sales and ordering process
  • Boost Cash Flow with simplified A/R and A/P processes via automated tracking and alerts by supplier/customer according to invoice due dates and/or balance levels
  • Track Rebates and enjoy an up-to-the-moment view of margins via automated rebate processing

Whitepaper: Five Attributes of Tomorrow’s Distributors

The distribution industry has changed a great deal over the past several years. Generational issues have led to consolidation. The web has forever changed information sourcing and is revolutionizing the purchasing function. Millennials are joining the distribution industry, margin erosion is continuing and customers demand a higher level of service.


As a Modern Distributor, You Need:

Intelligent Pricing Strategies

Effective Collaboration Tools

Price Competition

Supply Chain Efficiency

Optimized Inventory Levels

Real Business Insight

Growth Strategy

True Landed Costs


Do you have an Industrial Distribution Software that enables all of the above needs, and helps your business thrive?

To achieve these success factors and boost your bottom line, your software needs to streamline your business management processes.  And you need to work with a consulting partner with a deep understanding of the distribution industry, that can deliver.

I.B.I.S., Inc, a Sonata Software Company, is that partner.  I.B.I.S. has been partnering with distribution clients since the beginning in 1989 assisting them with software that undertakes functionality from accounting, customer service, inventory control, shipping and receiving.  Our team is trained to understand your company so they may implement and train your team for the business you have, not a generic corporation!

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Designed as a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for wholesale distributor businesses.  It is simple to learn and use, so your team can quickly adapt to their specific role and need.  Your business will soon be reaping the rewards of user involvement and innovation with greater productivity and even greater results.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers a set of robust applications that deliver a strong suite of technologies for industrial distributors.

You will benefit from the critical capabilities provided by the cohesive tools within Dynamics 365 which support new business practices, shrink inventory and warehouse administration costs, respond quickly to customers, and comply with changing and unique customer demands.

Advanced Supply Chain Software™

Advanced Supply Chain Software™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures order fulfillment accuracy with real-time inventory tracking.

Make note of client-specific instructions on packaging and source appropriate logistics providers in order to guarantee safe, prompt shipping of specialized equipment and supplies. Stay on top of the strict industry and government regulations, particularly in the medical field. With advanced tracking and tracing functions, keep your employees and customers informed on the status of their shipments, improve supply chain velocity, and optimize margins for increased profitability.

A strong industrial distribution software tool!

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