Why You Should Work with Sonata + I.B.I.S. when Microsoft is Your Preferred Technology

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I had the opportunity, a few weeks back, to visit the corporate Sonata headquarters in Bangalore, India. Upon arriving I could sense the positive mindset of the company and was able to be a part of several really excellent experiences. Having the corporate backing of Sonata is a real game-changer here at I.B.I.S. I’d like to share a little bit more about our corporate culture as I now see why there is no stronger Microsoft Partner to work with! Here are the reasons you can feel confident and comfortable with I.B.I.S., A Sonata Software Company:

Company Size

Sonata is a large company with $300M+ in annual revenues. They have the backing and tenure to ensure your success. This is company built with a strong foundation of committed and competent people. A company of this size is not going anywhere – we are with you for the long haul! Our physical facilities are world-class. From the reception to meeting rooms, we really know how to take care of you and make you feel comfortable. And, if you get the opportunity, you must see the Customer Experience Center!!
Sonata Welcome
Note: Check out the photo above as it shows our corporate team meeting Customer Experience Center visitors with a traditional Indian welcome.

Customer Experience Center (CEC)

The CEC is where we highlight all the latest and greatest in Microsoft and industry technology in a very tangible and meaningful way to your business. For example, let’s say you are a retailer and you need:

  1. A scalable ERP that fits the unique needs of Retail
  2. Multi-currency support
  3. Integration with WMS, BI Solution, Website and custom solutions
  4. Enterprise visibility dashboard for CEO

We’ll bring you into the CEC and we’ll show you how Microsoft Dynamics + our ISV solution can meet your needs. We’ll give you the option to get hands-on with everything from POS customization and offline access to how to automate your end of day sales report. You can see first-hand how these solutions lower your overall cost of ownership, highlight stability of the technology and ultimately give you the confidence in the functionality and performance of the application. To see examples of customer success click here.

Technology Depth

I had the opportunity to meet the leaders of our competency centers and the head of our infrastructure services while at corporate. I was very impressed with the depth and the experience of our competency teams solving real life problems for our customers. There is a great span of knowledge in our Dynamics team (did you know we are one of the only Partners fully capable to deliver Azure, PowerApps, Office 365, Cortana Analytics, and Flow?). Add to that the fact that we can fully support all your technology needs to make sure you are up and running 24/7 was very meaningful to me because it’s ultimately significant to you. It allows us to carry the IT headache for you so you can focus on what you do best – driving your business forward.


Infrastructure Services

Sonata + IBIS is here for you for all your technology needs and we are in it for the long haul.

The synergy is real and obvious with more knowledge, experience, trained resources and marquee customer successes on the Dynamics platform. I would encourage our customers to leverage our team and get the help you need. Please let us know how we can help you drive business growth with Microsoft Dynamics.

San Asuti

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San Asuti, VP of Sales, has been focused on ERP and Supply Chain Software and Services for a major part of his 20-year career. During his career he has been responsible for several global implementation initiatives that involved ERP and Supply Chain Software for large manufacturing and distribution companies leveraging i2 Technologies, Oracle Process ERP, Marcam and Mapics. San holds a BSEE and a Masters in Industrial Management from the Indian Institute of Science. San’s interests include Golf, Yoga, Social Work and Technology. He lives with his wife and two children in San Jose, CA.

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