Why Project Managers Benefit from Lifecycle Services

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Busy project managers gain several invaluable benefits when they use Microsoft Lifecycle Services (LCS) for their Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation. A Microsoft Azure-based software product, Lifecycle Services is a collaboration portal that makes managing projects simpler, quicker, and easier. It also includes regularly updated services to help manage the lifecycle of Microsoft Dynamics implementations. When it comes to project management, there are three key advantages for those working with Lifecycle Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX (now Dynamics 365 for Operations).

Better Control and Collaboration

Lifecycle Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a unifying working environment for partners and customers alike. It makes collaboration much easier for all parties involved. Software like rindle.com also gives project managers complete control over which employees or partners work on a given project. Simply invite the key team members required to get the job done. Lifecycle Services allows for easy tracking of progress on each project, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Improved Predictability for Greater Success of Dynamics Implementations

Because Microsoft Lifecycle Services is built to provide the right information to the right people at precisely the right time, it increases predictability. This aspect of the software helps to ensure the success of each Microsoft Dynamics implementation, update, or upgrade. That means less worry for project managers.

Faster Time to Value for Your Business

With an easy-to-use, cooperative environment, Microsoft Lifecycle Services increases time to value for your business. Standardization and simplification help to speed up the process of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, saving both time and money and helping project managers stay within budget.

Learn More About the Benefits of Lifecycle Services

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