Ways Advanced Business Analytics Can Manage a Modern Supply Chain

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Having a competitive edge in the current global market is invaluable. That means you need every advantage when it comes to your supply chain.

Something you may not have considered, with respect to managing your supply chain, is the impact of business analytics. With an accurate picture of your business processes, you won’t need to rely on old information or conjecture to make decisions.

Advanced Business Analytics™ software, part of Advanced Supply Chain Software™, provides you with the real-time, accurate data you need so that you don’t have to rely on guesswork to drive your business. There are several ways that business analytics helps you manage a modern supply chain.

Better Manage Your Inventory

Get a complete picture of inventory turns reporting. Gain insights into your inventory investment, and find out where you might make improvements to utilize it more efficiently. You also have the option of comparing inventory turns to that of your most effective competitors.

Get Cost to Serve Reports

Finding out which customers are your most valuable can help you boost profits. How? You can use the data to offer more services to your most profitable customers.

Solve Customer Service Problems

Find issues delivery patterns, distribution centers or vendors that could be impacting customer service. See if returns, partials, and backorders are reducing your margins and lowering customer satisfaction. Then, take action to correct problems.

See How Transportation Impacts Your Supply Chain

Sometimes overlooked, logistics and freight charges can significantly reduce your margins. But with transportation reports, you’ll have the information you need to identify issues and resolve them to improve profits.

Get Warehouse Productivity Reports

See data about material handling and warehousing. You can gain a competitive edge by implementing the changes needed to make you improve warehouse productivity and efficiency.

Keep Track of Financial Data

Gain insight into your financial data. You can track performance by salesperson, customers, warehouse, or products. You also get conventional financial reports like accounts receivable aging.

Optimize Your Marketing Efforts

Find out where your marketing budget is yielding the best results. Marketing effectiveness reports let you analyze campaigns to measure where your best leads are generated and how much they cost. Then, you can concentrate your marketing efforts on campaigns that work.

Get More Information About Advanced Business Analytics

 Armed with Advanced Business Analytics, you have the tools you need to make the right decisions to boost profits and increase performance.

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