Two Sales Orders, Two Packing Slips, One Single Dynamics AX Invoice

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Finance. Accounting. As a trade and logistics consultant, as soon as I hear those words, I cringe and find the contact details for the finance consultant on the team as quickly as possible. The extent of my Microsoft Dynamics AX finance knowledge is knowing where the invoice button is, and that you click it after something is received or shipped. However, I did learn a handy trick while talking with a colleague that I thought was pretty useful, so I want to share it with the masses (aka other trade and logistics consultants).

First, let me provide some context. Let’s say you have two sales orders and two packing slips, but it’s all for one customer. Standard AX will go ahead and create two invoices in this scenario, but that’s not exactly logical from the customer perspective. The customer probably doesn’t want multiple invoices when everything is delivered to them in one shipment. Most likely, they want one single invoice with everything on it. There is a configuration in AX that will do just that.

In AX, I have two sales orders that have been delivered and are ready for invoicing. When you get to the Posting invoice form, switch over to the Other tab. You’ll see a field called Summary update for, and you’ll want to set that field to Invoice account. In the background, the system will find the invoice account for that customer and consolidate all packing slips into one invoice for that invoice account.

2 Orders 1 Invoice 1

When referencing the second, third, fourth, etc sales order in the future, the Invoice journal form will look a little odd at first glance. On the Overview tab, the Sales order field is set to the first sales order that was invoiced within that “batch.” The Lines tab will list each individual sales order and provide the detail you are accustomed to seeing. Just like that, we gave the customer the information they wanted and in the format we wanted. And we saved a tree in the process!

2 Orders 1 Invoice 2

2 Orders 1 Invoice 3

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