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Faced with mounting pressure from competitors, murky finances, and pricing problems, you need the right tool if you want your business to succeed. And with Advanced Revenue Management, part of Advanced Supply Chain Management, you get a comprehensive solution that provides visibility and real pricing flexibility. By using pricing management techniques you can maximize profitability. There are several ways that Advanced Revenue Management helps you optimize pricing.

Find Out Which Customers Are Most Profitable

What if you could know which customers deliver the most profits for your business? With the cost to serve management included as a feature inside Advanced Revenue Management, you can do just that! Get the power to identify your most valuable customers and adjust pricing to maximize profits.

Manage Multi-Tiered Discounts and Pricing

Advanced Revenue Management includes an advanced pricing feature that lets you manage discounts and pricing based on price, customer, quantity, item, weight, time, and numerous other factors. It also features Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) logic.

Manage Rebates and More

Advanced Revenue Management software includes the tools you need to manage rebates, special price agreements, and pass-through agreements. And you can do it in a fraction of the time required with processes used in the past. This process is fully auditable and accountable and reduces the days outstanding for rebates.

Cost Management

You can easily see cost deviations based on fixed amounts, percentages, or price per unit. Get definitive insights and flexibility into any unforeseen cost variations.

Manage All Pricing and Promotions

With the Pricing Coordinator Role feature, you can manage all your promotions and pricing, in one place

Find Out More about Advanced Revenue Management

Optimize your pricing with these features and more, all included with Advanced Revenue Management. You can learn more about Advanced Revenue Management, a component of Advanced Supply Chain Software from I.B.I.S., Inc. Contact us or call (770) 368-4000 today.

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CFPIM, CIRM | Vice President Industry Solutions | APICS Fellow and Certified in Integrated Resource Management Over 35 years of Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain Operational, Software and Consulting experience. His professional career has been in Manufacturing and Distribution from shop floor roles through to implementing ERP, DRP and Supply Chain solutions and on to leveraging this rich experience to consulting, product management, product development and software sales. He has held positions as VP of Industry Solutions, VP of Product Development, VP of Sales and Marketing and Global Practice Leader for companies like IBIS Inc., IBM, Janis Group, Metamor, Marcam Corp. and more. Presently he is responsible for the Supply Chain Industry vertical at Sonata Software with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as a core technology solution expertise. Dominic publishes many blogs and articles for the industry and has been a guest speaker for multiple industry events

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