Too Much or Too Little Inventory? Try Advanced Demand Planning™

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One of the best ways to improve profits and save money is with proper inventory management. If your warehouse lacks the right inventory at any given time, you risk having unhappy customers and higher expenses related to expedite shipping. With too much inventory, you have increased carrying costs. With an overcrowded warehouse, you also run the risk of damaged resources.

To manage your inventory and boost revenue, you need a software tool that helps you make accurate forecasts so you can stock the right inventory, at the right time. That’s where Advanced Demand Planning™ from I.B.I.S., Inc. can help. Part of the Advanced Supply Chain Software™ suite for MS Dynamics 365, Advanced Demand Planning gives you a comprehensive suite of software tools providing everything you need to make better decisions about your inventory to improve forecasting demand.

Imported to MS Dynamics 365 Demand
Shipment plans and forecasts generated by Advanced Demand Planning are automatically imported into Dynamics 365. You can easily view forecast tables, right at your fingertips.

Graphical Forecasting
Get graphical forecasts and interactive feedback commenting, anywhere on the trend line. You can also make changes and view updates based on your modifications.

Widely Accepted Standard Algorithms
Advanced Demand Planning uses well-known, industry standard algorithms that you can apply to a historical model. See how upcoming promotions and events impact your forecasts.

Product Line Range Forecasting
Group customers or arrays of product lines and easily aggregate past data to gain insights into the potential impact on demand.

Use Dynamics 365 Workflows
As part of Advanced Supply Chain Software, Advanced Demand Planning is integrated into your ERP system. That means you can easily manage the review and approval of your forecasting workflow inside MS Dynamics 365.

Utilize Data from Your Sales History
With easy access to your historical sales data, you can effectively base demand forecasts on accurate customer needs rather than conjecture. View sell-through data and sales history from your ERP system.

See Timely Snapshots of Inventory Movements
Shipment plans allow you to plan based on cross docking and direct deliveries. So, you get a complete, time-sensitive picture of your anticipated inventory movements.

Get More Information about Advanced Demand Planning
Contact I.B.I.S., Inc. today to learn more about how Advanced Demand Planning, part of the Advanced Supply Chain Software, can help your business more accurately predict demand and manage inventory to improve the bottom line.

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