3 Ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Can Simplify Your Supply Chain Inventory Management


Of the many ERP software available today, Microsoft Dynamics AX (now Dynamics 365 for Operations) has become a fast favorite. With Microsoft Dynamics, businesses have found that they are able to make educated decisions regarding everything from their finances to manufacturing based off of data reports and analysis provided in real time. Not to mention the simplicity with which Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be implemented into the routine manufacturing process, and the ease with which employees can learn and use the interface.

Of all the benefits that Dynamics 365 presents to manufacturers, however, one of the greatest perks is the ability to gain real-time insight throughout the supply chain. From improving supply and demand planning to simplifying government and corporate compliance commitments, Dynamics 365 enables manufacturers to increase productivity while still remaining smart about unnecessary waste.

3 Benefits You Will See in Your Supply Chain Inventory Management 

One of the more difficult aspects of managing a manufacturing operation is supply chain inventory management. Decision makers have to worry about everything from storage options to temperature requirements. Microsoft’s new ERP system handles all those little details, so that your supply chain manager can focus on the bigger picture.

Below are 3 ways in which Microsoft Dynamics helps to simply the supply chain inventory management process:

  1. Controls and Streamlines Inventory. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations ERP system allows manufacturers to more accurately forecast and plan for the sale of specific items depending on the time of year and current trends in the market. Furthermore, it allows businesses to more accurately match supply output with customer demand.
  2. Simplifies the Order Process. The Advanced Order Software, which is a part of the Dynamics suite, offers manufactures a comprehensive view of available stock, as well as a way to manage backorders and track lost sales. Each of these features allows the company to deliver outstanding customer service at every phase of the order process.
  3. Manages Pricing and Revenue. One of the biggest concerns that a business person has is, “Am I charging too much?” Manufacturers face many pricing challenges, but with Advanced Revenue Management systems, they have the ability to optimize pricing, reduce margins, and increase profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the Solutions You Need 

Manufacturers today have the challenge of reducing supply chain execution costs while simultaneously creating value for the customer. Without an ERP system in place, this can be difficult to do; however, with Microsoft Dynamics, all the tools you need to be successful in managing your supply chain are in one place.

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