I.B.I.S., Inc.’s New Book Helps Distributors Get the Most Out of Microsoft Dynamics AX

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA — March 18, 2014—I.B.I.S., Inc., leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics supply chain solutions to distributors and manufacturers, announced today the launch of a new book written by I.B.I.S., Inc. AX Solution Architect and Microsoft MVP, Murray Fife. “A Distributor’s Guide to Microsoft Dynamics AX” was written to help distributors become comfortable with Dynamics AX and put them on the path to becoming more profitable.

According to Fife, “When first introduced to Dynamics AX, many of our clients find it overwhelming because there is so much functionality.” Fife equates the experience of distributors learning AX to being dropped in a completely foreign land, unable to speak the language, and not knowing which direction to start walking in.

Fife points out in the book that it may be even worse for distributors in the midst of a software selection where they are selecting between multiple solutions. Fife states, “In that case, you are in multiple foreign lands, and no one is speaking the same language. This book is designed to change all that.”

The book is divided into two parts. The first is a general overview of the system, reviewing each of the usability features at a high level. The second part is a functional overview that details all of the functionality within Dynamics AX that is important for distributors to understand.

Fife concludes, “In essence this book teaches you the language of a new land called ‘Dynamics AX’, supplies you with a map, and helps you start moving in the direction that best suits your specific business needs.”

To receive a discount code for purchase of the book, please inquire at marketing@ibisinc.com.

For more information, please contact Angela Goldberg at 770.901.3182 or via email at agoldberg@ibisinc.com.

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