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Everyone has goals. Whether they are tiny goals, like making it through each week, completing a project piece on time, or clearing out your inbox. Then there are my personal favorites, like getting out of bed each morning and not smoking up my apartment when I cook. It really is about the little things. Milestones, though, are those hurdles that seem as big as a mountain when you start out. The things that seem impossible to complete. They are essential to life and I happened to finally reach one this July. ONE YEAR OF BEING A WORKING WOMAN COMPLETED.

So let’s start at when I realized this date was coming up. Everyone has had at least one surreal experience. I had one in May when I watched my best friend walk across the same stage I did exactly one year ago. One word: weird. Some days I feel like an actual adult, like when I am in meetings with clients. Then there are other times when I drive up for football Saturdays or meet up with my sorority sisters that I still feel like I am back in college. So when I watched my friend complete her own milestone, I realized it had been a year since I graduated from college. From there, I did some mental math (maybe to make the 3-hour long ceremony go faster) and calculated that I would reach my 1-year anniversary with I.B.I.S. in July.

What a year it has been and what a difference a year has made! Looking back on how I felt when I first stepped foot into the offices here, I was a fresh faced nervous wreck who didn’t know AP from AR. The transition to where I am now was tedious and took a lot of individual effort. When I started at I.B.I.S., I did 3 full months on training, studying, and taking Microsoft Certification exams. Since I was (mostly) still in college mode, having to study and take exams was nothing new, but it was an excellent transition step to the workforce. I was able to learn a good overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX and accounting while doing what I knew best.

As I have talked about in my previous blog post, My Best Friend: Research, research shouldn’t stop after your training and in fact your career can benefit exponentially from continuing to learn. After the conclusion of my training, I was put on a project that was in the last stages of completion. I made sure to ask as many questions as possible about how the documents I.B.I.S. uses are created, project hierarchy and escalation, and any piece of AX that I didn’t understand. I may have been annoying my older colleagues, but in the end, they appreciated it because it showed my willingness to learn and interest in my growth in this market. Even after the go-live of the project I continued to ask questions and even took more exams in subjects that interested me and would help expand the overall knowledge of I.B.I.S.

Besides the expansion of my knowledge and overall confidence in AX, my communication skills have also grown. I have lead multiple meetings where I have had to walkthrough AX and demonstrate it’s capabilities. I have had individual phone calls and conference calls with clients and even higher ups at I.B.I.S. Even my emailing skills have improved… or I like to think so. Each time I ran through a slide show or practiced what I was going to say, helped build on my skills. Each meeting I have held and participated in has helped mold and hone in my skills. Now I don’t bat an eye at talking to a client for an extended period of time or leading a presentation.

Looking back at my year at I.B.I.S. and in the working world, I have accomplished a lot more than what I set out to do. The young consultant that walked in last July would never recognize the Microsoft Certified Professional standing before her now. I am much more confident in dealing with clients and meetings. The knowledge base that I now have in Microsoft Dynamics AX and business is leaps and bounds more expansive than it was before. Each second I sat and fumbled around in AX thinking to myself that there was no way I was going to master ANY of it has helped me grow. It has shown me that even the seemingly insignificant tasks can help you learn and grow. Each one of those goals I set for myself every day, week, and month has brought me to this milestone. I can’t wait to see what the next year of growth and learning will bring me. Meanwhile, I am going to take this milestone in stride and celebrate by making some cupcakes that will hopefully not smoke up my apartment… CHEERS!

Katie Schnetzer

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Associate Consultant Katie joined I.B.I.S. in 2015 with previous consulting experience. She is certified in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials, Trade & Logistics, Development, and Lean Manufacturing. She is also a Six Sigma Green Belt. At I.B.I.S. she has gained experience in Visual Studio, development, and warehouse and transportation management. Katie live in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys golfing, yoga, and college football.

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