Is good enough good enough for our firm?

Good enough

Have you ever been in an executive presentation or meeting where the executives are thanking the team for being good enough?

Where missing goals and objectives is good enough?

In a company where employees are compensated for being good enough?

Where customers give you repeat business for being good enough?

So why is having a software system that is good enough acceptable?

How can you improve and over perform in all business areas if you are running a system that is good enough?

These two words have always given me nightmares as I participate in meetings where the executives are berating their teams for not being exceptional but are not willing to invest in the tools they need to achieve the level of exceptionalism that is required to beat the competition.

In my view, this approach is totally counterproductive and demoralizes the team. A demoralized team cannot overachieve!

So how do executives avoid the good enough management principle and the first step to underachievement and dissatisfied employees and customers?

The first step is to recognize that the present tools/software solution needs to be replaced!

The second step is to agree that a good enough solution is NOT the solution!

The third step is to pick a solution that will meet today’s requirements (priority 2) but will support your vision for the future and allow you to manage all changes that will come your way (priority 1)!

You may not agree with the priorities as listed but if all you are looking for is a system that allows you to meet today’s goals and objectives – then keep the one you have. That’s right why change? Obviously, you are pleased with good enough!

If you want to move out of the good enough mindset and become an industry leader then you need to have a vision, build that vision and buy based on the vision you have created for the future. However, the future is not written in stone and therefore, you need a system that is flexible and will support any changes required to execute the vision or driven by the market.

Good enough is not acceptable, good enough will create a level of mediocrity in across your organization, good enough will be felt by your customers and will not build loyalty, good enough will not allow you to demand top dollars for your products and services.

If good enough is not where you want to be then you need to plan and execute on the necessary changes to your organization and a new software system become Priority One!

Dominic Telaro

Article written by

CFPIM, CIRM | Vice President Industry Solutions | APICS Fellow and Certified in Integrated Resource Management Over 35 years of Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain Operational, Software and Consulting experience. His professional career has been in Manufacturing and Distribution from shop floor roles through to implementing ERP, DRP and Supply Chain solutions and on to leveraging this rich experience to consulting, product management, product development and software sales. He has held positions as VP of Industry Solutions, VP of Product Development, VP of Sales and Marketing and Global Practice Leader for companies like IBIS Inc., IBM, Janis Group, Metamor, Marcam Corp. and more. Presently he is responsible for the Supply Chain Industry vertical at Sonata Software with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as a core technology solution expertise. Dominic publishes many blogs and articles for the industry and has been a guest speaker for multiple industry events

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