Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics AX: Quarantine Management

Items that are awaiting approval can be set up in a quarantine warehouse. AX has the capability to set up a quarantine warehouse and let you control these incoming items. Quarantine management is part of the Inventory and Warehouse Management module. To begin, you need to create a quarantine warehouse.  This can be done by accessing the Warehouses form in:

Inventory and Warehouse Management > Setup > Inventory Breakdown > Warehouses

Once you are in the warehouses form, you can create a new warehouse and designate it as a quarantine warehouse.  Make sure to associate the quarantine warehouse with the site of the current warehouse.

You can attach a quarantine warehouse to a default warehouse as well. This will send quarantine items bound for the default warehouse to the specified quarantine warehouse. To do this, go back to the Warehouses form where you created the quarantine warehouse in the first step. Here you will select a default warehouse, and then from the general tab, select the quarantine warehouse in the Quarantine Warehouse field.

To control whether an item is handled through a quarantine warehouse, you have to designate it in the item model group. The item model group can be accessed through:

Inventory and Warehouse Management > Setup > Inventory > Item Model Group

In this form, under the setup fast tab, there is a check box where you can designate quarantine management in the warehouse management section. This will make quarantine orders automatically generated for the items in this item model group.

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