How Geolocation Technology Can Be Used in CRM Systems


Customer relationship management (CRM) systems boast a wealth of benefits, including the utilization of geolocation technology, which can offer many significant advantages to your business. This technology gives you key insights that can prevent you from losing out on sales. It also offers help for members of your sales team. So if you are considering a CRM system for your organization, opting for one with geolocation functionality makes a lot of sense.

Optimize Sales Routes

Are your sales representatives making multiple stops while out on sales calls? Your sales team is busy enough without having the burden of mapping every location they need to visit. With your CRM’s geolocation technology available for both desktop and mobile, your employees can create optimized maps that give them the most direct routes between existing and prospective customer locations, allowing your sales reps to do what they do best – sell!

Improve Analytics

A CRM with geolocation technology is a potential boon for your sales team. It can help them to find new opportunities within their territory. They can also view leads and existing customers within a given area. Another benefit is location-based analytics for existing customers. That means a customer relationship management system equipped with geolocation functionality can make it much easier for your sales reps to manage their territories.

Geographically-Based Marketing

Understanding who your customers are is no longer enough if you want to maintain your competitive edge. You need to know where they are, in real time, to optimize your marketing efforts and reach them when they are ready to buy. Using a customer relationship management system with geolocation technology can provide the information you need to make the sale.

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