Fixing Posted Transactions in Dynamics AX (now Dynamics 365 or AX7) Projects

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Fixing posted transactions can be a pain, no matter what system you’re in. Sometimes there are roundabout ways to fix them, but when you factor in additional details into posted transactions such as the associated Project ID then that could get complicated. Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics AX (now known as AX7 or Dynamics 365 for Operations) has a solution for this called Adjust Transactions. Below are the steps to follow to fix a posted transaction.

Navigate to Project Management and Accounting > Projects > All Projects.

Correct Posted Transaction 1

Select your project and then choose Adjust Transactions under the Manage tab.

Correct Posted Transaction 2

Choose Select. Have a setup like the one below. Make sure Item is selected for the transaction type. When ready select OK. You have the freedom to set a date range if you happen to know that.

Adjust Posted Transaction 3

You can see that it will pull in posted transactions. If need be, filter for the specific transaction you want to change. Once selected, choose Adjust.

Adjust Posted Transaction 4

Select the Project ID you want the transaction to post to and set the Category as well as the Percent. If you want to distribute the posted transactions across multiple projects, select the New button and add a line for each project to post to. Then change the percent of each line accordingly. If you want it to be split evenly, select Distribute Equally after creating all the lines. When done, select OK.

Adjust Posted Transaction 5

Your new lines will pull into the grid at the bottom of the page. Review your new postings. If they are correct, select Post.

Adjust Posted Transaction 6

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