Cycle Counting in Warehouse Management in Dynamics AX

Cycle counting in Dynamics AX is a warehouse process that you can use to audit on-hand inventory items. You can even define workers that will approve or reject cycle counting work before it is posted.

Cycle count Thresholds and Cycle Count plans can be used to generate Cycle count work. Workers can also perform spot counts on problematic locations. This does not require work to be created in advance. The Worker simply scans a location and performs the count.

cycle counting







A cycle counting threshold indicates the quantity or percentage limit that inventory items must reach in order to generate cycle count work.

A cycle counting plan is set up to create cycle counting work immediately or periodically. You can use a query to define Item or Location criteria. In the example on the screen, the items defined as part of this Cycle counting plan will be counted every 30 days but a maximum number of 10 cycle counts can be created at a time. You can also use a batch job to generate cycle count work for you.

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Guided cycle counting allows a user to manually create a list of items or locations to be counted. The Work is then created and once the cycle count has been performed and approved, the counts can be reviewed by a supervisor

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