Why Choose a Brick & Click Retail Platform?


If you manage a retail business, you already know customer expectations are higher than ever. While looking for products on websites and apps is common, and many shoppers still enjoy in-person browsing at local malls and stores. That means you not only need to meet customers where they shop — whether in-store or online — but also deliver a consistent shopping experience personalized to each individual. That’s why your business needs Brick & Click for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.

The Best Solution for Omni-Channel Retailing
Brick & Click for Dynamics 365 platform is a comprehensive solution for Omni-channel retailing. Pre-integrated into your Dynamics ERP system, it offers the technologies your retail enterprise needs to continue to thrive in today’s evolving business climate. Brick & Click delivers solutions for retail operations, united storefronts, mobile engagement, and analytics.

Offer Exceptional Customer Experiences with Brick & Click
Keeping customers happy through Omni-channel retailing has never been easier. With Brick & Click, your business offers the conveniences and services modern consumers demand, whether they are shopping via the web, a mobile device, in-store, or by phone.
Features like assisted shopping, personalized recommendations, and easy returns or exchanges help you offer an amazing experience. Meet your customers on mobile with Brick & Click’s shopping app. Offer customized promotions, gift cards, and the benefits of membership in a loyalty program. Flexible delivery and fulfillment options give shoppers even more convenience. With integrated modern payments, consumers can pay by credit card, wallet, COD, and more. Brick & Click for Dynamics helps you build brand loyalty and promotes repeat business.

Intelligent Multi-Channel Operations Management
Running an Omni-channel retail business involves complexity and often time-consuming processes. Fortunately, Brick & Click’s features help to save time and simplify operations. Retailers get a single view of their entire inventory, across all channels. Instantly see real-time shipment tracking. Optimize your supply chain and efficiently manage accounting and finance, all at your fingertips.
You get assortment and catalog management capabilities as well as ticket and case management features. View the analytics data needed to get valuable insights into consumer behavior, get a 360-degree picture of your customers, and make smarter decisions about your business. Brick & Click also makes order management, merchandising, and planning more efficient.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Brick & Click’s Cutting-Edge Technologies
Brick & Click comes as a standard integration of your Dynamics ERP system. It’s ready to use when you need it so that you can deploy it at your leisure. You can opt for a cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises system that is secure, stable, and provides optimal performance. Brick & Click is NFC and IoT-enabled and offers the best available CDM/MDM, PIM technology in its class. It also gives you managed IT services as well as big data and mobile capabilities. Brick & Click for MS Dynamics platform provides the next generation tech that helps retailers gain a competitive advantage, offer incredible customer experiences, and continue to prosper in an increasingly challenging environment.

Find Out More about Brick & Click for MS Dynamics 365 Platform
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