Automated Containerization in Warehouse Management in Dynamics AX

Automated containerization in Warehouse Management in Dynamics AX creates containers and the picking work for shipments when a wave is processed. To set up containerization, you must create the following:

Container type ─ Define the physical characteristics of the containers

Container groups ─ specifies the sequence in which containers are packed, and the fill percentage of each container (i.e. fill a container to 90% to allow for dunnage).

Container build template ─ define rules for containerization. For example, can inventory be mixed in the container? You can also set up a rule to prevent order lines from different orders from being packed in the same container

Wave templates – This creates the picking work for containerization.


Upon the processing of the wave, containerization executes the following steps:

  • The system creates containers for the order line.
  • The System then checks physical dimensions of an item to see if it fits in a container. AX will even rotate the item on it’s z-axis, meaning side to side (or flip the length and width), to see if it will fit. It will not turn the item in it’s X or Y axis (upside down). If an item does not fit, AX can be configured to split the item into smaller quantities to see if those smaller quantities will fit into the carton.
  • If a single item cannot fit in, the containerization process for this line will fail. the line will still be assigned to the container. but, the created container will have the “Container has errors” field, enabled, indicating that the containerization process failed
  • If the dimensions do meet the requirement, the system then checks the weight and volume of the order line against the maximum allowed weight and volume of the container, taking into account any container utilization percentage set on the container group.
  • The system will then try to downsize the order line into smaller containers defined in the container group. When a container type fails to downsize any further, AX will stop trying to downsize and assign the order line to that container.

This repeats until all order lines on the wave have been containerized. This process allows you to optimize the use of shipping cartons, reducing space usage, reducing freight costs where package dimensions are used for pricing and help reduce the time it takes workers to pack by determining the carton ahead of time.

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