Afraid That Cloud Software Will Drag You Down?

There are many businesses that fear using cloud solutions in their organizations. Security risks and downtime frequently come up as the top issues that discourage companies from adopting cloud technology. But really, how valid are these concerns?

Security of Cloud Solutions

A breach in security is often feared because the business’ information for various sectors of government and private businesses is stored online and is therefore thought to be easier to access by unwelcome hackers. To prevent hackers from accessing the information, get in touch with power plant cyber security services. During such times, it is important to know more about Nettitude and hire the best cyber security experts. The reality that many businesses do not take into consideration is that on-premise applications residing on a server are also connected to the internet, albeit indirectly, and can be hacked by those that have the skill and the desire. What your business needs to consider is what kind of resources you can allocate to the protection of your data, whether it be stored in a cloud solution or not. If your IT department is in charge of fixing printers, resetting passwords and answering questions about MS Office how much time can they devote to keeping your on-premise data safe? Cloud technology providers are acutely aware of security concerns and because of the shared service model they are able to dedicate security teams to keeping your data safe. The AWS cloud security platform can help one make sure their files secure.  Remember this; their businesses are based solely on:

  1. Service
  2. Security
  3. Up-Time

To mitigate your risk, clarify your concerns with the cloud software’s sales representatives before you make any decisions.


Putting faith into a cloud CRM, PLM, ERP or marketing solution, which is the backbone of your business can be scary, especially when you think about how much money you could lose if the cloud solution goes down. Many cloud software vendors are aware that this kind of bad press is detrimental to their business, so often times you’ll find a guarantee that the cloud technology will be up 99% of the time or more. The main thing you have to worry about is how transparent the cloud solution retailer is about their policies. Often they will disclose the compensation policy if an outage were to occur; it goes without saying that it’s in the vendors best interest to be up and running 100% of the time.

Embrace Cloud Software for your Business

Don’t let change scare you! Cloud technology is one of the fastest growing markets today and for good reason. There are many advantages to the cloud solutions so do your research on the issues that concern you most, and you’ll soon discover that your fears are unwarranted.
Do you have other concerns when it comes to the cloud? Please share them with us in the comments and we’ll address them in another blog post.

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