Ace Your Sourcing Decisions with Advanced Procurement Management

Ace Your Sourcing Decisions with Advanced Procurement Management

Sourcing decisions are an essential part of your work as a distributor. You buy products from manufacturers, but that’s not all you need to worry about. Left to Qualify, full truckload and LTL containers require your attention as well. So, if you’re not managing the procurement process, or you’re using manual methods of management, you could face unhappy vendors and customers. Even worse, you could lose out on profits and miss future opportunities.
It’s critical that you ace your sourcing decisions if you want to realize maximum profits for your organization and keep your vendors and customers satisfied. So how can you be sure you’re making the most of your purchasing decisions? You can do just that with Advanced Procurement Management™ software, part of the Advanced Supply Chain Software™ suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Maintain High Vendor and Customer Satisfaction

You deal with several vendors, and that translates to multiple agreements. Managing them manually or with a solution that is not automated means you may be leaving money on the table. But with Advanced Procurement Management Software, you have access to all your data, right at your fingertips. That makes it easy to keep your vendors, and your customers, very satisfied.

Master Negotiations with Vendors

Get instant access to the information you need to better negotiate discounts with vendors. Pricing and negotiation data is readily available with Advanced Procurement Management Software, so you can take advantage of the best available price for your company. And with the purchase price enhancement feature, you can see special pricing by weight, amount, or currency.

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