5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an ERP Solution for Your Business

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Implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is no small task, but when you choose the right one for your business, you will find that it is one of the best decisions you ever made. To ensure you choose the right system, keep a few things in mind while shopping or talking to a consultant.

  1. Take a Look at Your Industry

You don’t want to be just like your competitors, but you don’t want to let them get ahead of you either. Pay attention to what software other people in your industry are using. Also, stay on top of industry trends and how they may change or affect your company in the future.

  1. Know Your Own Business’s Needs

Once you get some ideas from around the industry, it’s time to look into your own needs. What aspects of your company need help or could use improvement as your business grows? What are your goals and what does it take to get there? Compose a list before you think about making a selection.

  1. Talk to Your Staff

From upper management to the front lines, find out what your team wants to see in a new ERP system. They are the ones who will use it the most. You will see that they have suggestions that never occurred to you to consider.

  1. Bigger is Not Always Better

Choosing an ERP system is more like buying a reliable family car than a flashy sports car. Just because it costs more, has a fancy name, or it is receiving plenty of attention for its numerous features doesn’t mean it’s going to serve a purpose for your business. If you have a family of five, that convertible two-seater isn’t going to get your kids to school. Stick to what you need rather than what sounds exciting.

  1. Keep Mobility in Mind

When buying any software these days, you need to think about the significant changes technology has seen over the last decade or two. One of the biggest advancements is mobile access. People are no longer sitting at their desktop computers in their offices to work. They are working from home offices, from hotels, while sitting at restaurants, and while relaxing on the beach. They are using smartphones and tablets to access valuable information for work which is empowering when you want to increase productivity. If this is important to your company, consider choosing an ERP system that allows you and your employees to access data from any location where there is an internet connection.

Drew Vabulas

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Drew is an ERP Selection Process expert at I.B.I.S., bringing more than 10 years of experience to his clients and companies seeking select solutions which will grow their business. Drew has been in the Microsoft channel all of his life, coming from a family who started a Microsoft Dynamics business from scratch. He has extensive certifications with Microsoft products, including Specialist Training with Dynamics AX and CRM, both sales and presales. He is also accredited in Microsoft sales for Business Intelligence. Drew resides in Atlanta where he trains with CrossFit groups in his spare time.

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