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The Right Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for Your Business

“The search for a better solution led us to Microsoft Dynamics® GP, Dynamics® GP led us to I.B.I.S., and together we rolled out a solution that is integrated, usable and supportable.” -Henry Segalas, Director of IT at Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind

The Right ERP Solution

Has your company outgrown your current solution, purchased a solution from a vendor with no clear path, or does your solution not meet your business requirements.  If so, the time has come to invest in a true ERP solution – minus the implementation headaches. You need a system up and running in days, not weeks, one that supports your core business needs out of the box, but is also easy to customize. A solution that will work the way you do – on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both. Most importantly, you need a partner you can trust to make all of this happen – on time and on budget. Microsoft Dynamics® GP was designed with just your situation in mind, and I.B.I.S., Inc. is just the partner you need. Microsoft Dynamics® GP offers a unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools, is easy to configure, deploy, and use, and can be implemented in weeks not months.

The Right Implementation Partner

With thousands of successful ERP implementations over the past 25 years, I.B.I.S., Inc. is uniquely qualified to help you implement and fine-tune your solution to ensure you gain and profit from the best possible results. Our proven expertise and innovations with Microsoft Dynamics® GP have been widely recognized. I.B.I.S., Inc. is a two-time winner of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year Award for Dynamics® GP and has earned four Microsoft Gold Competencies, including one for Dynamics® GP.



I.B.I.S. consultant, Jon Darling, discusses one of the most celebrated new features of Dynamics GP 2013.
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Find out how Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind boosted efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics® GP.
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A True ERP Solution - Minus the Headache

Features and Benefits

Increase financial transparency with integrated systems, shared data, and drill-down capabilities that give you visibility into your transactions and audit trails. Define who on your team can make critical business decisions on your behalf, and help them respond quickly and confidently using intuitive tools such as Microsoft Dynamics® Role-Tailored dashboards workflows with built-in notifications and alerts, automated approval routings, and document attach to add context to transactions. Make better, smarter, more informed decisions by gaining a wealth of business intelligence presented through insightful, easy-to-act-upon dashboards and reports. Here are just a few of the features and benefits available in Microsoft Dynamics® GP.

Financial Management
Analyze financial data by whatever criteria you require for greater reporting flexibility and extensibility. Track financial data by different dimensions, such as region or profit center, without adding to your chart of accounts. Track multiple budgets for multiples fiscal years in multiple currencies and General Ledger Accounts. Locate and track budget information, query current or historical encumbrances, and streamline period-end and yearend reporting processes. Control your purchasing process with limited purchases through encumbrance posting. Improve financial control and put company assets like buildings, machinery and equipment to the best possible use with tools for tracking, analyzing, and manipulating fixed assets. Analyze and track your assets historically to better manage them.

Business Intelligence and Reporting
Gain powerful, role-specific insight with charts and graphs both inside Microsoft Dynamics® GP and outside, plus perform tasks and collaborate with others. With over 200 built in Microsoft Excel reports that connect directly to the data source, Microsoft Dynamics® GP offers a solid foundation to create reporting. Excel Report Builder offers the ability to add additional information to reports for multiple sources including customizations and ISV products. Leveraging the power of Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft Dynamics® GP offers over 300 charts, graphs and reports through Reporting Services. The reports can be modified to meet unique needs and new reports can be created easily without a developer.

Supply Chain Management
Stay ahead of demand, speed fulfillment, and reduce lead times. Streamline purchasing and sales order processing, improve inventory management, and connect with customers and suppliers to improve service. Increase productivity with fast, flexible tracking of components and subassemblies used in light manufacturing and similar production and assembly operations. Increase visibility and tracking for the pick, pack and shipping process. Advanced Picking in Microsoft Dynamics® GP tailors picking routines to meet individual site’s business requirements, bin or bay sequence, or method of operation. This provides you with the flexibility needed to lower overhead, reduce handling, and improve accuracy for both single and multi-site warehouse operations.

The Manufacturing Suite delivers Capacity Requirements Planning, Engineering Change Management, Job Costing, Quality Assurance, Sales Configurator, and Sales Forecasting to extend the manufacturing functionality. Deliver complete, consistent, and current product information. Manage materials, components, and assemblies more precisely–including costs, locations, and routing sequences–to gain tighter control of finished goods, reduce costs, and increase productivity and profitability. Efficiently track and manage the entire cycle of order processing, including detailed production costs, work orders, routings, outsourcing, and work center definitions. Gather information from sales forecasts to form a single, comprehensive production schedule and automatically create manufacturing orders. Ensure proactive planning, smart procurement decisions, and precise adjustments to production with flexible planning and analysis capabilities in addition to viewing material requirements and vendor information.

Project Management
Maintain tight control over project direction, costs, execution, and budget; support resources effectively; and ensure accurate billing and accounting through tight integration with financials, inventory, and accounts receivable. Capture, review, and approve project time sheets and expense reports through the web, enabling prompt, accurate customer invoicing and efficient reimbursement for out-of-pocket employee expenses.

Field Service Management
Maintain an unlimited number of contracts with customers providing various terms and services. Contracts offer flexible functionality including price books, profitability against service calls, and revenue recognition through five different methods. Track parts, labor, and expense details. Create a Parts Usage report. Manage spare parts and trunk-and-lot-tracked stock inventory. Forecast purchasing and scheduling requirements based on time in service or product usage. Coordinate open service requests with upcoming preventive maintenance calls. Track details of Preventive Maintenance activities. Track and update new and historical service calls against a contract, service warranty, and current inventory. Time execution, coordinate customer schedules, assign appropriately skilled technicians, and escalate calls automatically.

Human Resource Management
Attract and retain top talent and offer employees better services with customizable hiring processes, scheduling, pay rates, and performance evaluation tools. Track critical health and wellness information to monitor the well-being of your employees and ensure government compliance. Manage employee certifications and license and training requirements to help your employees meet their potential and maximize the value they bring to the organization. Extend Payroll capabilities with Pay Policy Manager, Labor Accrual Manager, Advanced Labor Reporting, and Payroll Hours to General Ledger functionality. Manage labor budgets and human resources based on specific job functions and a specific head count. Apply data throughout the Human Resource and Payroll system to enforce the business rules and to manage the movement of human resources throughout the organization. Allow your employees to view or update their personal data and create and manage their absence and enter personal requisitions. With the Employee Self Service license, employees can spend more time focusing on their day-to-day business and tasks and worry less about administrative burdens.

Role-Based Security
Limit access to sensitive information by role through Role Based Security. Predefined roles come with the application to help organizations get started quickly and maintain separation of duties to reduce risk.

Tasks and Reminders
Help people work together by assigning tasks and tracking status of tasks. Also set up reminders that proactively inform you when specific incidents occur such as customers going over their credit limit, short stock items, or payables due. Reminders are defined per user, so they each get the reminders they need to be more proactive.

Document Attachments
Track additional information related to transactions and contacts by attaching documents to records like pictures, contracts, copies of invoices or other related information. In addition, reporting is available within Microsoft Excel to extract data and provide more context to your data.

Dynamics® GP Vs. NetSuite & QuickBooks

Dynamics® GP Versus NetSuite

When making a decision as significant as choosing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution it is important to compare your options. While NetSuite positions the Cloud as the only way to deploy a business application, Microsoft believes that the customer’s unique requirements should dictate the decision. That is why Microsoft gives the customer a choice of on premise, partner hosted, or hybrid deployment options. Another key difference between Microsoft Dynamics® GP and NetSuite is the network of Microsoft partners who combine strong business and technical experience with a local sales and implementation approach to help ensure that the same group who sells you the solution will also be there to service and support it. The majority of NetSuite sales are direct, and salespeople may not have much accountability for how the solution actually gets implemented.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a functionally rich solution with role-tailored views that help improve individual productivity each day by clearly showing relevant tasks and information. With its simplified three-tier architecture and powerful Web services, Microsoft Dynamics® GP makes it easy to work with and share data with other line-of-business applications to support the growing needs of the business. The familiar Microsoft Office interface helps to accelerate user adoption and reduce training time, as well.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP Vs. QuickBooks

QuickBooks can be an appropriate tool for managing small business financials and operations.  However, the QuickBooks database performance suffers dramatically as your company grows and the volume of transactions increases.

Many companies that have outgrown QuickBooks® migrate to Microsoft Dynamics® GP and are pleased to find that the migration process is very simple, their organizations run more smoothly, and they have greater insight into their business than ever before.

A study performed by the Accounting Library, one of the most respected software selection tools serving the needs of middle market companies, determined that Microsoft Dynamics® GP offers more functionality than QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.  Whereas Microsoft Dynamics® GP met 84% of a typical user’s requirements, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions only met 43%.

Unlike QuickBooks, Dynamics® GP allows you to manage multiple departments and companies within a single system, maintain multiple years of history with almost no impact on day-to-day system performance, enhance inventory management, make more informed decisions with 800 standard reports compared to just 112 available in QuickBooks, and much more.

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I.B.I.S. consultant, Jon Darling, discusses one of the most celebrated new features of Dynamics GP 2013.
Learn more about Dynamics GP by watching our informative webcasts.
Find out how Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind boosted efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics® GP.
Learn more about Dynamics GP by watching a demo.

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