Dynamics® AX

The Right Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for Your Business

The Right ERP Solution

You know you need an integrated solution that can manage all of your back-office, customer-facing, and analytics requirements in one place. But where do you start, and how can you be sure you are making the best decision for your business? The first step is to assess your business needs and compare what you need to the options out there. This business assessment will set you on the right path. Compare Microsoft Dynamics® AX to the competition. Once you weigh the options, you will find the business benefits of Microsoft Dynamics® AX are virtually limitless. Improve employee productivity with easy-to-use, integrated collaboration tools. Successfully manage growth by automating your supply chain, building profitable supply chain relationships, and quickly adapting internal processes to meet changing demands. Gain powerful insight into your company’s performance with built-in business intelligence solutions– all with Dynamics® AX.

The Right Implementation Partner

Once you have chosen the right ERP solution you need to find the right implementation partner. I.B.I.S., Inc. Dynamics® AX consulting professionals are among the best in the industry, including AX solution architects and one of only four Microsoft Dynamics® AX MVPs in the United States. With thousands of ERP solutions, you can trust you are in experienced, knowledgeable hands when you make I.B.I.S., Inc. your Dynamics® AX implementation partner.


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Improve Productivity. Manage Growth. Gain Powerful Insight.

Features and Benefits

Make informed, proactive decisions by giving your people forward-looking systems. Simplify and accelerate deployment with instant-on capabilities while standardizing on common technologies and a familiar user interface.  Define who on your team can make critical business decisions on your behalf, and help them respond quickly and confidently using intuitive tools such as Microsoft Dynamics® Role-Tailored dashboards, workflows with built-in notifications and alerts, automated approval routings, and document attach to add context to transactions. Make better, smarter, more informed decisions by gaining a wealth of business intelligence presented through insightful, easy-to-act-upon dashboards and reports. Take advantage of the industry-specific capabilities available in Dynamics® AX, which combined Advanced Supply Chain Software™ powered by I.B.I.S., Inc. provide a total solution for distributors and manufacturers. Here are a few of the key functional suites available in Dynamics® AX, along with their features and benefits.

Improve supply chain planning capabilities across your organization using views that display all intercompany supply and demand. In addition, planned intercompany demand is visible for upstream companies within the organization, and can be considered in master planning. Planning and management are also supported with a full view of intercompany order-pegging using a multilevel pegging form. Allow users to place orders in a more productive way with sales order process enhancements, allowing faster order entry by limiting the amount of information to be entered. This permits easier access to sales order header or line details as well as expert features, allowing users to modify default settings and customize sales orders. Take advantage of other features that include pricing enhancement to manage mass changes, smart rounding rules based on currency and amount, and translation of prices in multiple currencies based a reference price list.

Utilize the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics® AX to run process and discrete manufacturing models in a single solution. The mixed mode capability also allows implementation of lean manufacturing practices in the way best suited for your company. Take advantage of a new operations resource model to efficiently use resources at multiple locations. Schedule resources (vendors, people, machines, tools, or locations) to jobs and operations based on their capabilities (ability to perform a specific production-related activity). A scheduling engine will handle resource selection. Model and execute lean manufacturing on production flows to reduce delivery lead times, trim excess inventory between work centers, treat contractor labor as a service and support continuous improvement by using kanban boards, event kanbans, and kanban rules to view, plan, and run kanban jobs. Use the constraint-based Product Configurator to efficiently create, maintain, and reuse product models, components, and attributes. Let shop floor workers use the touch-enabled job registration form to register time and quantities produced; use this functionality to let shop floor supervisors prioritize jobs and perform actions such as start/stop jobs.

Supply chain management
Easily convert a purchase order line or sales order into a delivery schedule and maintain total order discount eligibility even when multiple deliveries result. Support quality management with a new inventory-blocking feature that works manually or on an automated basis to enjoy greater flexibility and granularity in quality order specification, and more. Improve your ability to report the value of goods in transit between companies, using two new reports in Microsoft Dynamics® AX.

Business Intelligence and Reporting
Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting for Dynamics® AX includes more than 800 Microsoft SQL Server® Reporting Services reports, eighteen SQL Server® Analysis Services data cubes, and enhancements to the framework. Combine the power of SQL Server® Reporting Services and SQL Server® Analysis with the simplicity and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics® AX by using the Microsoft Dynamics® AX production reports. Along with more than 800 pre-built reports, Microsoft Dynamics® AX provides integrated, role-based security options. Instantly identify and take action on business process issues using new cubes for workflow and environmental sustainability. Track history and current status, and generate performance analysis reports. Easily implement, configure, and customize prebuilt data cubes using a wizard-driven user interface (UI), which helps you deploy pre-built business intelligence solutions when you set up Microsoft Dynamics® AX.

Sales and marketing
Dynamics® AX comes with an inbuilt customer relationship management system for optimizing your sales and marketing efforts. If you are currently using Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and wish to continue doing so, the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Connector for Dynamics® AX allows you to access information stored in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, both on premise and online. Efficiently open, assign, resolve, and follow up on customer service, collections, and similar issues using new case management capabilities.

Lifecycle Services
Microsoft Dynamics® Lifecycle Services help organizations improve the predictability and quality of their Microsoft Dynamics® AX implementations by simplifying and standardizing the implementation process. In addition, proactive monitoring of the system can reduce system downtime. Lifecycle Services is a Microsoft Azure based collaboration portal that provides a unifying, collaborative environment along with a set of regularly updated services to help manage the application lifecycle of your Microsoft Dynamics® AX implementations. It is a collaborative workspace that can be used by both customers and partners, separately and together, to enable closer collaboration, and speed.

General Financials
Quickly create unlimited, form-based financial dimensions that can be shared across legal entities for a complete business view, audit trail transparency, and detailed analyses. Transform budget information into precise, workflow-driven management tools with multiple, variable, and hierarchical budgetary controls that allow you to define how you want to manage expenditures and achieve greater control of the procurement process. Set up, view, and manage encumbrances, including purchase order commitments, in the general ledger, and manage workflow items with respect to year-end processing and encumbrances. Streamline the cash-to-collections process to save time, engage efficiently with customers, and improve cash flow. Simplify and help ensure accurate processing of requisitions, orders, invoices, and other key transactions by defining accounting distributions and viewing subledger journal entries before journalizing source documents. Improve accounts payable operational efficiency with capabilities to match invoices, allocate charges, process and track purchase order prepayments, add lines to invoices, and more. Define and control the information you capture more precisely to achieve better insight into your business.

Warehouse Management
The Warehouse Management suite helps organizations provide flexibility, and choice to customers. The automation of warehouse processes helps reduce operational costs, which can be translated in lower prices for customers. Features include: easily configurable put away and picking workflows, advanced cycle counting and location replenishment capabilities, support of cluster picking, warehouse handheld device support, and support for different picking strategies for batch and non-batch items.

Service Management
Service Management allows tracking of service agreements, definition of service tasks and generation of service orders.  Improve your ability to schedule and optimize your service & maintenance personnel through the dispatch board.  Easily identify material requirements and turnover.  Analyze your costs when used in conjunction with Project Management & Accounting.  

Project management and accounting
View a summary as the project budget is created, compare against funding, and make corrections before submission. Create and manage projects in Enterprise Portal to enable remote access. Make time sheet entries more efficiently with enhanced time entry capabilities and user experiences from a web browser or the client application. Allocate and post revenue based on internal sales prices for workers, categories, and dimensions, enabling profitability monitoring by allocation area. Improve management of complex portfolios of projects and next-level optimization of resource schedules through enhanced interoperability with Microsoft Project Server 2010.

Human capital management
Improve individual productivity by referring to Role Centers for data, alerts, task lists, and reports pertinent to specific job functions; 34 predefined Role Centers can be accessed from the Enterprise Portal or Microsoft Dynamics® AX Windows client. Use the Employee Self-service Portal and workflow tools to enforce spending and approval policies at a more granular level, and to enable employee self-service for performance goal management. Transfer and view employee records easily, and reduce manual process steps in recruiting, onboarding, development, transfer, and termination.

Streamline processes and improve productivity with the improved Expense Management application for the Enterprise Portal. This includes the expense entry, cash advance request, credit card dispute, travel requisition, and expense report delegation. In addition, the approval experience for expense reports, travel requisitions, and cash advances are new or improved.

Procurement and Warehouse Management
Manage direct and indirect procurement of goods and services using procurement and sourcing in Microsoft Dynamics® AX. Empower workers to order day-to-day goods and services from searchable online catalogs. Help vendors operate more efficiently by enabling them to perform a variety of tasks online, such as updating profile data, requesting additional users, requesting that the scope of their offering be expanded, uploading catalog content, submitting invoices, reviewing payments, and more. Import, create, edit, stage, publish, and search catalogs of items for internal consumption on an internal shopping site. Or punch out directly to your vendor catalog. Create a virtual workplace where category managers can manage overall spending by category. Utilize requisition aggregation, work queue management, category management, and other procurement functionality through a procurement-based Role Center. Establish a centralized procurement desk capability across your organization to support procurement policies and processes. Easily set up and maintain one or more different

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Dynamics AX and SAP

Microsoft Dynamics® AX Vs. SAP

When making a decision as significant as choosing an ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution it is important to compare your options. Keep in mind that you are investing in ERP to gain a competitive edge and solve business problems. If you are considering AX versus SAP there are several key factors to consider as you decide which offering will help you achieve these goals.

Do you need industry-specific capabilities out-of-the-box?
Do you need a solution with strong core AND industry-specific functionality, a broad portfolio of specialized vertical solutions, and fast time to value through quick implementation and broad user adoption? Microsoft Dynamics® AX delivers broad, horizontal functionality and industry-specific extensions to provide out-of-the-box functionality for large vertical segments as well as multiple-industry scenarios. For example, if you are a manufacturer who often manages your own distribution and sometimes operate your own direct retail operations, you need the power of a multi-industry solution like Microsoft Dynamics® AX.

What business intelligence capabilities do you need?
As you consider your ERP selection, you also need to evaluate business intelligence (BI) capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics® AX delivers self-service reporting and BI capabilities that will enable you to quickly access data without relying on the IT department to run all your reports. Be sure that business intelligence is embedded in the solution you choose and not a separate tool that requires additional training and extra steps to analyze your data. With Microsoft Dynamics® AX you get rich BI functionality built into the product.

What is the total cost of ownership?
Be sure to conduct a thorough cost of ownership analysis when evaluating ERP offerings. With SAP, time to value may be significantly delayed by lengthy implementations and hidden costs associated with the need for ongoing consulting services and extensive user training. Be sure you know how many full-time equivalents (FTEs) SAP products require to maintain and support on-going changes. With Microsoft Dynamics® AX you get ease of use, ease of interoperability, and low cost of ownership for the application and platform. In addition to these differentiators, interoperability with Microsoft Office can accelerate user adoption and provide business intelligence and collaboration at a low cost.

Additional Insight & Analysis


Find out more about Dynamics AX in these short demos.
Learn more by watching one of our many AX Webcasts.
Download our whitepaper to discover how to manage an effective compliance management program with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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