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Delivering predictable revenue growth in the midst of an economic downturn is a daunting challenge and as a result there has never been a more critical time for ensuring Sales Professionals are focusing the right resources on the right opportunities.

Economic uncertainty and decreasing access to capital and operating lines of credit have resulted in CFOs the world over scrutinizing capital requests with scrooge-like compassion. Globally, capital and operating plans have been re-written, budgets have been cut, headcounts reduced, and internal cost centers carved to the bone.

Strategic investment has given way to capital preservation, discretionary spending has been removed from the corporate lexicon and only business cases that deliver immediate, short-term, strategic payback are being considered by the executive leadership team. Not the most encouraging, or motivated, buying climate.

Your own internal management team will be looking to you to counterbalance their liquidity challenges with increased revenue, accelerated receivables collection, and expense reductions; more with less.

Expect to see overall opportunity volume decrease, and the number of opportunities which run the full sales cycle to die a quick and painful death at the hand of the CFO due to weak business cases or uninteresting payback periods to increase.

To ensure forecast accuracy, and revenue predictability, sales management must equip themselves with the appropriate information and sales support tools/infrastructure to position themselves for success within the dwindling pool of legitimate opportunities.

Now is not the time to leave sales activities and strategy to chance. With the risk profile of every new opportunity increasing, to properly manage internal resources and account activities you need greater visibility into:

  • Qualification criteria

  • Customer/prospect account plans

  • Customer/prospect account strategy

  • Prospect buying criteria

  • Prospect business case development

  • Competitive threats

  • Account penetration

  • Stakeholder access

  • Internal resource utilization

  • Forecast criteria

Customer Relationship Management solutions provide this insight, but with dozens of software applications to choose from and literally hundreds of solution implementers to vet (not to mention your own internal business case development and CFO scrutiny), the prospect of starting feels intimidating.

I.B.I.S. has the experience to help you effectively navigate this process; not with product demonstrations and implementation timelines, but with a holistic review of where you can generate the greatest measureable business impact (time to close, win/loss ratio, cost of sale, average deal size, etc. which drive forecast predictability).

We comprehend all angles of the issues you are facing and we have the breadth of established experience to get you where you need to be. Find out where we may help you best and see exactly how our knowledge extends into industry areas of:

I.B.I.S. can help you select and configure an appropriate technology solution which delivers maximum time to value with limited disruption to your current sales processes. Most importantly we work with you to develop the business case critical to securing internal funding.

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