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You are responsible for monitoring the company’s daily operations and ensuring maximum asset utilization across facilities, employees, equipment, processes and systems. In effect, you are required to do more with less.

Easier said than done! One of the most effective and efficient strategies for addressing all the challenges you face is technology driven business process improvements. Unfortunately securing capital funding for a business application replacement or upgrade at a time when operations is being asked to reduce costs is problematic.

As access to working capital becomes increasingly scarce, Operations Executives will be pressured to:

  • Effectively Maintain Cash Flow – Release cash stuck in inventory.

  • Control Inventory – Increase inventory turns.

  • Efficiently Manage Capacity – Increase production capacity.

  • Initiate Cost Control – Decrease cost of goods/raw materials.

  • Maximize Message Delivery – Increase throughput.

  • Minimize Inefficiencies – Decrease downtime.

  • Minimize Costs – Reduce labor costs.

  • Manage Spend – Reduce supplier spend.

How do you determine if there are enough meaningful, measureable business benefits (green dollars) in process and systems enhancement to justify and defend a capital request submission? More importantly, given the pressure to increase asset/resource utilization do you truly want to be executive sponsor of what has historically proven to be a high-risk, highly visible initiative?

Injecting change and disruption into a workforce already pressured to increase throughput is a tenuous endeavor at best, and even more so during times of economic uncertainty.

With predictable regularity organizations often waste months interviewing internal stakeholders, documenting current business processes, interrogating potential implementation partners, evaluating software providers and researching analyst recommendations, only to see initiatives end up on the cutting room floor of the capital prioritization process due to unconvincing business cases and weak economic arguments.

Or worse, you are blindly funded, leading you to an extended period of operational disruption, decreased customer satisfaction and incremental funding requests, that fail to deliver the anticipated business value which justified the investment in the first place. The cow path is often paved and opportunities squandered.

We comprehend all angles of the issues you are facing and we have the breadth of established experience to get you where you need to be. Find out where we may help you best and see exactly how our knowledge extends into industry areas of:

It has been our experience that this approach significantly mitigates traditional project risk, increases business benefits, and decreases executive anxiety throughout the entire selection/implementation cycle.

Make this project different by working through the critical project and scope definition exercises (driven by Executives, not Functional or Operational Managers) BEFORE you select a software product and implementation Partner.

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