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There has never been a more challenging time to work in IT. The business community is looking to you for innovative ways to decrease costs and improve productivity across all lines of business, while at the same time reducing budgets across the board. Doing more with less has never been so challenging, and so important.

Unique to the IT organization is its overall perspective of the various business functions and their dependencies, upon both other business units as well as technology to support business process acceleration and decision support.

Line of business leaders come to you with business challenges you must interpret and convert into technology solutions. And unfortunately when projects go awry IT takes the majority of the responsibility and blame.

This scenario plays itself out with predictable and painful regularity year after year, but with no greater impact than with an ERP or CRM project. Far too often the sponsoring business unit delivers operational requirements to IT, only to disengage from the process until IT cobbles together a short-list of vendors.

At this time the business re-engages for demos and selection of a product/vendor based on a choreographed presentation. Far too often, after negotiations have concluded and deposits paid, it becomes evident the product demo did not accurately reflect delivered capability, and more disappointingly, some of the corporate objectives and strategic imperatives uncovered in the executive scoping exercise were not contemplated in the selection criteria.

This approach delivers:

  • Clarity of business requirements and desired outcomes

  • Alignment between project and corporate objectives

  • Stronger executive sponsorship and commitment

  • Scope and phasing aligned with organizational priorities

  • Relevant software demonstration scripts

  • Clear, weighted selection criteria

  • Line of business (LOB) accountability

  • Project risk reduction

  • Identification of business process change

  • Business case identification/validation

On average, organizations replace their core business applications every 6 to 8 years. The selection criteria for landing on a solution needs to reflect the time horizon to best position an organization for long-term success.

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How Do You Know If Your company is “Ready” for an ERP or CRM Solution? What are the risks you can anticipate, plan for and mitigate?

Learn how our I.B.I.S. Readiness and Risk Assessment helps your business:

  • Accurately and measurably establish success criteria for your potential project

  • Align business goals and objectives to get everyone on the same page

  • CAPTURE critical inputs you need to know about your business needs

  • EFFECTIVELY DETERMINE your organization’s readiness for an ERP or CRM project

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Engaging the Executive at the front end of the project, rather than after your organization has committed to a solution, drives decreased risk, change management, scope creep, expectation management as well as accelerated time to value.

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