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Line of business Executives relentlessly lobby you for “special interest” project funding, usually predicated on loose business cases and dubious “back of the napkin” payback calculations.

As your organization’s economic Steward, you oversee and are impacted by every aspect of the business operation. You rely upon the quality and availability of vital operational data to effectively manage cash flow, capital allocation and corporate risk.

The term ROI gives you hives and the only sound you find more irritating than the whining complaints of a disappointed project sponsor on the losing end of a capital prioritization exercise is the lofty promises of an application software salesman extolling the virtues of business process nirvana.

You constantly balance investment against cash preservation and growth against risk reduction; decisions which are fundamentally predicated on the accuracy and quality of the data extracted from the corporate information systems.

All this being said, the current economic climate demands business systems deliver the information and business processes to manage DSO, DPO, DWC, inventory levels, margins and risk to ensure liquidity, profitability and compliance, both from a regulatory and loan covenant perspective. Insight into production and operational bottlenecks that impact working capital is critical.

You recognize the strategic value of investing in technology to improve capacity, throughput and executive decision support, but equate the selection process to that of an anesthetic-free root canal.

Unfortunately, most system selection processes start with IT driven process-level discovery sessions, followed by theatrical product demonstrations. Few organizations have clear selection criterion, and most solution sets and solution providers look and sound alike, so the selection team ultimately defaults to intuition and price to land on the business system and implementation partner that will underpin and support the organization’s strategic objectives for the next 5 to 8 years (at which point the process is repeated once again).

Business processes fall out of corporate objectives, not the other way around. I.B.I.S. recommends another path: Preempt your project with a Business Impact Assessment. Our approach is focused on:

As access to working capital becomes increasingly scarce, Operations Executives will be pressured to:

  • Measurable Business Benefits – Defining the measurable business benefit of the initiative.

  • Defendable Analysis – Documenting a defendable payback analysis.

  • Aligned Goals – Ensuring project goals are in alignment with corporate objectives.

  • Support and Commitment – Ensuring strong executive support and commitment.

  • Project Scope Control – Reducing project scope (prioritizing scope by business value).

Scope and selection criteria will fall naturally out of an effective executive visioning exercise; which drive out your organization’s short and long term strategic imperatives. We then mutually define success criteria, their associated metrics and the project’s anticipated economic payback.

If a new business application investment (in both capital and organization capacity) cannot significantly impact one of organization’s top 3 business objectives it simply should not be funded.

More than any other executive team member you bear the scars of past IT projects gone awry; characterized by budgets over-runs, missed implementation deadlines and marginal value realization.

We understand all the angles of the issues you are facing and we have the breadth of established experience to get you where you need to be. Find out where we may help you best and see exactly how our knowledge extends into industry areas of:

If you already know what you are looking for, we conveniently offer an extensive range of products for you to choose from.

I.B.I.S.’ business impact assessment methodology provides you with a structure for helping Operations Executives define the measureable business impacts (DSO reduction, DWC increase, Inventory Turn increase, etc.) of your business and provides the inputs and clarity critical to supporting a successful capital request.

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