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Industry drivers, customer demands, market expansion, growth (both organic and acquisition) and regulatory or industry compliance issues must have fundamentally changed your business model or core strategy over time. Your current business processes or technology systems must be impeding your ability to manage change, before you choose to embark on a journey to add or replace a business technology system.

No Executive of sane mind and sound body initiates a core business system replacement without significant discomfort.

You accept that a new business or finance system is a necessary and strategic capital investment, critical to driving your organization’s growth, but the disappointments and scar tissue from previous IT projects have left you wary and skeptical.

Your wounds are still fresh, so we understand funding a new IT initiative, like an ERP, CRM, or BI system, feels like paying for a root canal. Additionally, while intuitively important, the project must compete with other requests in the annual capital prioritization street-fight process.

Unfortunately, more often than not new systems end up looking surprisingly like the predecessors they replaced. Overly optimistic business cases, poorly defined business requirements, a lack of measureable success criteria, inexperienced IT organizations and conflict-adverse implementation partners all contribute to budget over-runs, project delays and underwhelming results.

Organizational fatigue becomes the most measureable and predictable project outcome.

So how do you ensure your organization’s business requirements are met by this disruptive project

  • How do you maximize the value and strategic advantage a new business system could deliver to your organization?

  • How do you define and measure project success criteria?

  • How do you mitigate business risk within a project category which disappoints more often than it meets expectations?

Historically, there are more logical questions than pragmatic answers at the front end of these initiatives, but your projects do not have to end in frustration and disappointment. To the degree executive leadership views and manages an ERP, CRM, or BI initiative as a “systems” or “technology” project is the degree to which project risk will increase.

I.B.I.S. ‘”Business First” approach ensures both you and the I.B.I.S. team have a clear understanding of strategic projects objectives, measureable business metrics linked to those objectives and necessary changes to the underlying business processes which will drive improved business results. Solution selection and implementation strategy falls naturally out of business objectives clarity.

We comprehend all angles of the issues you are facing and we have the breadth of established experience to get you where you need to be.

How Do You Know If Your company is “Ready” for an ERP or CRM Solution? What are the risks you can anticipate, plan for and mitigate?

Learn how our I.B.I.S. Readiness and Risk Assessment helps your business:

  • Accurately and measurably establish success criteria for your potential project

  • Align business goals and objectives to get everyone on the same page

  • CAPTURE critical inputs you need to know about your business needs

  • EFFECTIVELY DETERMINE your organization’s readiness for an ERP or CRM project

Get your copy of our Readiness and Risk Assessment Workbook and Scorecard to see what options are available for your business to get the results you need today

Take the ERP / CRM Readiness Assessment Today and Find Out If You’re Ready

With I.B.I.S. your business value is maximized, business risk is minimized, and the project/root canal becomes less a necessary evil and more a critical stepping stone to your business growth and your increased profitability.

I.B.I.S. – The Options You Want, the Results You Need.