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Why You Should Only Use Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 From A Leading Provider.

“The search for a better solution led us to Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics GP led us to I.B.I.S., and together we rolled out a solution that gives us more timely information on a platform that is integrated, usable and supportable.”

Henry Segalas, Director of IT
Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind


Your primary focus is on growing your business. To successfully progress you need your operating system, database, personal productivity tools and email to all work together, so you can lower your implementation time and long-term ownership costs.

With over 500 successful Clients worldwide and over 20 years of consulting and implementation experience, I.B.I.S. is your obvious choice for your Microsoft Dynamics GP software system integration.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 (formerly Great Plains) your business is able to tie together the robust flexibility of an award-winning business management solution. You can run your business the way you want to and even better, you can use dynamic software you and your People are already familiar with to efficiently operate and effectively grow your business.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 eliminates unwanted obstacles to productivity and effectiveness in your business. By connecting all your business processes in one streamlined and flexible management infrastructure, Microsoft Dynamics GP enables your People to do what they need to in ways they like and helps improves your output.

Using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 for your business helps you to:

  • Empower your People with familiar Software

  • Generate optimal value from all your systems

  • Drive your business productivity

  • Enable confident decision making

Using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 in your business also allows you to build stronger, more productive relationships with your key stakeholders—customers and trading partners. The extensive reporting and collaborative capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP give you the information you need to make informed business decisions.

I.B.I.S. can also help you implement and fine-tune your solution to ensure you gain and profit from the best possible results. Our proven expertise and innovations with Microsoft Dynamics GP are thoroughly demonstrated in our dozens of awards and accolades, including being named 2007 Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year for Dynamics GP 2013.

By using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 for your business you empower your People, generate optimal value, drive productivity and improve decision making.

Empower your People with familiar software and you benefit from:

  • Minimal disruptions to your business

  • Improved productivity for your business

  • Increased efficiency for your business

By using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 for your business your People can easily adapt and transition when using the new system, as the feel and functionality of the software is already familiar to what they already use every day. If your People are already using Microsoft Office programs, then they will be able to easily find their way around Dynamics GP.

By generating optimal value from all of your systems, you benefit from:

  • Excellent returns on your technology investment

  • Fully integrated systems

  • Customization to fit your specific business needs

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Try Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 For Yourself

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 enables everyone in your organization to drive business success by streamlining business processes. Your People can succeed in a highly collaborative work environment by sharing files and information, and bridging communication between your employees, customers, and partners. Your people can also work faster and smarter when working with a user interface that is designed for how people really do work.

If you are ready to see what a great fit Microsoft Dynamics GP is for your business and to see exactly what I.B.I.S. can do for you, Contact us today to request your Business Impact Assessment and get the results you want for your business. Dynamics GP Atlanta based experts, I.B.I.S., are here to help.

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