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Why You Should Only Use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 From A Leading Provider.

You need to be in a position of confidence when it comes to your business management solution. Your technology solution has to meet the needs of your People and to the demands of your industry and business.

At I.B.I.S. we strive to:

  • Integrate a solution for your business which will help your People work faster and smarter.
  • Transform change into opportunity for your business.
  • Simplify compliance for your business.
  • Be a world class solutions provider so you get options you want for the results you need.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (formerly Axapta) is a comprehensive business management solution for mid-sized and larger organizations that works like and with familiar Microsoft software to help your people improve productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is built to make it easy to do business across locations and countries by consolidating and standardizing processes, providing visibility across your organization, and helping simplify compliance.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can be confident your business management solution is, and will continue to be, relevant to the needs of your People and the demands of your industry and business.

“At Captive-Aire we are always striving to streamline processes and improve customer service. Leveraging technology is critical to our success. Microsoft Dynamics AX’s technology and architecture has allowed us to automate and integrate our systems to deliver unique competitive advantages. With assistance from I.B.I.S., Captive-Aire successfully implemented Dynamics AX for our financials, procurement, and inventory processes and continues to extend AX across other areas of our business to drive improved business performance.”

Janis Braslins, Vice President of IT


By using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for your business you empower your People, generate optimal value, drive productivity and improve decision making.

“41% of Business Management Software Implementations FAIL.*”

Before you decide to invest in a costly Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 implementation, you need to understand the operational and financial risks your business may be facing.

Implementation Mistakes Are Costly…

  • 41% of companies surveyed fail to realize at least half of the business benefits they expected from their ERP systems.
  • 22% of implementations fail to deliver at least some measurable business benefits from their ERP solutions.
  • 40% of companies surveyed realized major operational disruptions after implementation go-live, such as the inability to ship products or to close the book.

Don’t let your business become another failed statistic. Our Dynamics AX Business Impact Assessment has been crafted with over 24 years of experience to ensure your business needs are fulfilled.

Is your business ready for Dynamics AX?

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* Statistical Source: 2010 ERP Report by Panorama Consulting Group

In the volatile world of business, individual productivity and effectiveness both have a direct impact on your bottom line. Give your People familiar, easy-to-use tools to enable them to work quickly and make smart, proactive decisions for your business.

Help your People work faster and smarter by enabling them to:

  • Focus on your business with an easy to use solution
  • Work effectively with an intuitive user interface
  • Expand the reach of decision-making with intelligent reporting tools
  • Continue working with applications they already know
  • Improve productivity by improving usability
  • Build strong connections using integrated communication tools

With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, you can successfully manage growth and change by building profitable supply chain relationships and quickly adapting internal processes to meet changing demands.

Help your business transform change into opportunity by:

  • Growing with confidence
  • Smoothly automating supply chain collaboration
  • Building and modifying your work flow
  • Easily adapting your solution
  • Meeting highly specialized needs
  • Choosing the solution package you specifically need
  • Capitalizing on your current investments

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is designed to manage the complexities of a global organization by consolidating and standardizing processes and providing visibility across your organization.

Become a world-class competitor by:

  • Expanding easily across international border
  • Consolidating all your financial, operational, and customer data
  • Unifying your standards
  • Managing and monitoring global and performance
  • Giving your People real-time access to Key Performance Indicators, scorecards and data
  • Ensuring efficient, consistent deployments

Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you reduce risk and liability associated with corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and customer initiatives.

Simply your business compliance by:

  • Saving time and effort with enforced workflows
  • Helping ensure consistency with processes
  • Supporting customer initiative
  • Centralizing and sharing corporate governance
  • Keeping a tight grip on compliance activities
  • Reducing cost of protecting corporate compliance data

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