Reduce Complexity, Increase Flexibility And Improve Margins

You have always worked to improve performance against benchmarks such as cost, time-to-market, product quality, and inventory optimization. But now are you feeling pressure to refine and optimize your product and service portfolio to reduce complexity, build flexibility, maintain/improve margins and improve responsiveness? All while, you are expected to:

  • Strengthen your order-to-delivery process by collaborating with trading partners on the demand and supply sides
  • Build tighter feedback loops for timely responses
  • Sharpen your demand planning by proactively involving key channel partners and customers in the forecasting process

This is a lot to achieve all at once.

The #1 Manufacturing Software for Dynamics AX

Advanced Supply Chain Software™ is a total Dynamics AX Supply Chain solution developed by I.B.I.S., Inc. industry experts to address the unique challenges faced by manufacturing companies like yours.

Advanced Supply Chain Software™ for Microsoft Dynamics empowers you to unify discrete, lean and process manufacturing into a single ERP solution. Use a unified operations resource model for global manufacturing, and deploy green and efficient manufacturing tools, such as the environment management dashboards. Work with shared data across legal entities and consolidate intercompany trade and supply chain processes to increase flexibility. With greater visibility across a unified resource pool—and the ability to connect employees, suppliers and customers with self-service collaboration tools—you can increase responsiveness to better meet customer demands.

Webinar: Microsoft Dynamics AX Warehouse Management WMS 101

The Warehouse Management module within Dynamics AX is a great feature to configure if you want to do more with your inventory then just track it and count it. When you enable the Warehouse Management features you can start taking advantage of the in-built handheld interface, you can start tracking your workers a little more closely and assign work to them, and it also allows you to ...

As a Modern Manufacturer, You Need:

  • Advanced Sales and Operations Planning™

    Scope out sales and manufacturing goals by product line that align retail and wholesale demand with potential contraints. Compare these goals to your supply chain constraints and build attainable forecasts by brand.

  • Advanced Revenue Management™

    Optimize pricing and increase margins with features like Cost to Serve Management, Trade Promotion Management, Advanced Pricing, Advanced Chargeback Management, Vendor Rebate Management, Advanced Deductions Management, Omni-Channel Pricing and Advanced Commissions Management.

  • Advanced Inventory Management™

    Increase profitability while optimizing inventory and reducing costs with features like Customer Allocated Inventory, Consignment Inventory, Vendor Managed Inventory, Direct Ship, Cut to Order Management, and Trade Service Price Management.

  • Advanced Business Analytics™

    Gain the critical insight needed to improve operations, make informed decisions, and predict outcomes with key performance indicators (KPIs), such as customer profitability, lowest and highest cost to serve customers, percentage of on time deliveries, percentage of invoices current and past due, warehouse productivity, and sales and marketing effectiveness.

  • Advanced Demand Planning™

    See graphical forecasting based on historical baselines, expected promotions and events. Use proven forecasting algorithms to build comprehensive forecasts. Users can modify and adjust easily and immediately see the impact of the change.

  • Advanced Order Management™

    Deliver exceptional customer service and increase upselling opportunities by arming your customer service reps with real-time customer and product information. Advanced Order Management™ features include Advanced Order Entry, Stock Availability, Product Substitutions/Upselling, Left to Qualify, Duplicate Order Checking, Counter Sales and Lost Sales Tracking.

  • Advanced Procurement Management™

    Many of the sourcing decisions – near shore or off shore – are being made without all the information in hand. Distributor margins are slim and landed cost, buyer’s console (for intelligent purchase requirement consolidation), item creation during quote to order process, and more play a major role in increasing your margins.

Together, We Plan for Profit

Most software solutions allow you to account for needed industry functionality such as reservations and allocations, but do so as an afterthought – not including it in the planning process. While the information related to the inventory may be accounted for, it is often put in a siloed warehouse and forgotten. This relies on an Order to Cash methodology to manage your business, leaving out key information and ultimately keeping you from hitting your margins. Why not use software that allows you to include everything you need in the planning process so you can Plan to Profit and hit your margins, rather than managing with information and technology subsets?

P2P Infographic

Advanced Supply Chain Software™ for Microsoft Dynamics was built so you can properly plan and replicates real business process that ties into actual margins. We know how imperative margins are. Experience the comfort that comes from knowing your software will keep you aligned with your margins by contacting us today.

With our 27 years in the business, we’ve never met a manufacturer we couldn’t help. We know your business, and we know what you need. It starts with recognizing the effect of supply chain ERP capabilities.

We’re dedicated to our client success, and that means YOU!

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