Withdrawal Kanban Strategies in AX2012

The second major type of Kanban available in AX2012 is now called a Withdrawal Kanban. Older versions of Lean Manufacturing in AX, referred to them as Replenishment Kanbans.
The concept of their use, however, has not changed!
Withdrawal Kanbans are used to move inventory from a main storage warehouse or location, to a line side warehouse/location or supermarket.
What’s a supermarket, apart from a place where you can buy produce?
A supermarket in Lean terms is a warehouse or location where raw materials can be stored, which is near to their point of use in production. A sort of staging area, from where they can be pulled as required. Supermarkets are normally grouped together to make it easier for material handlers (or water spiders as they are sometimes referred to in Lean terms), like a consolidated picking process.
There are three types of Withdrawal Kanban strategies:
Fixed Quantity
Fixed Quantity Withdrawal Kanbans are used for Make to Stock scenarios. The number of active Kanbans in circulation does not change, nor does the quantity held in the Kanban. When a Kanban is filled it is no longer available, but as soon as it is reported as empty, it comes back into circulation automatically.
Event Withdrawal Kanbans are triggered by an actual demand, and so are used in Make to Order scenarios. The basic template is created, but the Kanban itself does not get created until something triggers it, such as creating a Sales line, or releasing a Production Order. The number of Kanban tickets created is always one, and the Kanban Quantity depends on the quantity in the Sales line, and BOM. Once it’s fulfilled, the Kanban goes away, until the next demand is created.
Scheduled Withdrawal Kanbans can be created by Master Planning, or can be created manually. They are normally used for items that are typically made to order, but where there are minimum batch size requirements that prevent the use of a single piece flow. In other words, the minimum quantity is greater than one. Another example would be where the Item Coverage on the Item in Master Planning uses the Period principal, and requirements are grouped.
So let’s take a look at creating a simple, Fixed Withdrawal Kanban:
Withdrawal Kanbans are created in Kanban Rules (Production Control > Set Up > Kanban Rules)

Create a new Kanban Rule, and select the Type as “Withdrawal”, and the Replenishment Strategy as “Fixed”.
You also have to select the First Plan Activity and the product to be transferred.
You can also define a transfer lead time, and the unit of measure for that lead time.

You set the Default Product Quantity and the Fixed Kanban Quantity

Create the Kanban Cards

Then define the Production Flow

You will then be able to view and process the Kanbans available for transfer in the Kanban Board for Transfer Jobs., the use of which we will cover in a separate Blog!

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