Reversing Packing Slips and Pick Lists in Dynamics AX 2009

It may be necessary sometimes to reverse a packing slip and a pick list on lines in an order.  This is possible as long as the order has not been completely invoiced.

  • From the AR module  –>Sales Order Details.  Select the Sales Order you wish to modify.
  • Next, on the line level, select the line you wish to modify.  Now click the Quantity tab.
  • On the lines you wish to modify, set the Deliver Now field to a value that the negative of the quantity delivered.  For example, if the quantity is 5, set the Deliver Now value to -5.
  • When all of the lines have a negative value, click Posting–>Packing slip menu button.
  • In the Posting packing slip window, use the Quantity – Deliver Now.  Click OK.
  • Now all inventory has been removed from Delivered status.  The next part of this process is to remove the output orders for these items.
  • In the lines, select Inventory (2) –>Output orders.  Delete record using the ‘X’ in the top left.  A warning will appear saying ‘The output order is completed.  Delete it anyway?’. Click ‘Yes’ in the warning form.

The sales order can now be maintained and re-picked as necessary.

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