How to Put Together a Cost to Serve Report

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Today’s distributors confront surging challenges every day, including diminishing margins, global competition, and increasing customer demands, to name just a few. Organizations who want to thrive in this challenging environment need relevant information that will help ensure they make the best decisions regarding their businesses.


Managers must know, not only where expenditures lie, but also where they are gaining the most value. Discovering which customers deliver the most profitability is a crucial piece of the puzzle. A comprehensive Cost to Serve (CTS) report can give you a complete picture, but how do you create a Cost to Serve report that provides the data you need to increase profits and better serve your customer base?


Get Cost to Serve Management with Advanced Revenue Management™ from I.B.I.S., Inc.


Your business needs Cost to Serve reports to compete and win in today’s hectic business environment while managing  prices, boosting profitability, and increasing margins. Fortunately, Advanced Revenue Management™, a component of Advanced Supply Chain Software™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365, gives you Cost to Serve reports to help you do just that.


Learn the True Cost of Serving Every Customer


Detailed Cost to Serve reports include all the elements that affect your costs, including rebates, discounts, chargebacks, deductions, transportation, costs associated with free goods or services, and anything else that impacts your bottom line. Advanced Revenue Management gives you the ability to calculate the cost of serving each of your customers. You can also evaluate the profitability of your entire customer base. Use this information to target specific customers for discounts, promotions to negotiate mutually beneficial terms.


Learn More About Cost to Serve Management


Interested in learning more about how Cost to Serve Management can help you increase the bottom line? Contact I.B.I.S., Inc., a Sonata Software Company, today to get more information about Advanced Revenue Management, a component of Advanced Supply Chain Management software. Call us now at (770) 368-4000.

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