Product Masters in AX 2012

In AX 2012, the familiar “Item Details” form is no longer present.  It has been replaced by similar interfaces and the functionality and terminology has been changed.  The change in functionality seems to primarily give the users the ability to share items across different companies (or legal entities).  The new functionality takes a bit longer to understand, but is a big help when sharing items across multiple companies.  It also helps create a much easier setup for intercompany transactions since item data is now shared rather than linked through a “company item”.

First, the terminology change is that “items” are no longer called Items, but rather Products.  Instead of an Item Details form, we now have four new forms.  They are split into two types, three that are shared across all companies (legal entities) and one specific to the current company.   The three shared form are:

  • All products and product masters
  • Products
  • Product Masters

The first form is simply the combined list of the two other forms, with a field for “product subtype” which indicates either a product or product master.

All products are broken into two “subtypes”: Products and Product Masters.  If you’re familiar with the previous version functionality, product masters are “items with item dimensions (size, color, config)” and products are everything else.  The fourth form is called “Released Products” and these are the products that have been specified for use at each company.  A product cannot be used at a company unless it has been released to that company.

Product Masters must use at least one Product Dimension (previously item dimension), and each possible combination of product dimension(s) is now called a variant.

When a product or product master is created at the shared level, it must be released to each company for use.  When a variant is specified, it must also be released to each company that will use it.

This will allow the user to only allow certain combinations of a product at each company and not necessarily have the same combinations of at every company that uses the product. 

This can easily be confusing at first, but is in reality a very simple concept.  The key to remember is that a product master always and only deals with items that use one or more of the dimension size, color, and configuration.

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