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I asked Andy, “How does IBIS take on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in terms of public interest, community and employees?” His reply, “I am proud of the role IBIS and our team members play in the community. Every year we make sure at least two large families have a Christmas that they otherwise would not be able to experience. IBIS supports many of our team members in community efforts that they want to participate in, such as the High Tech Prayer Breakfast and the Susan Kommen Breast Cancer Foundation. We even work with our client, the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind, on their Race Fever fund raising so that they may serve both children and adults who are deaf, blind and multi disabled.” Giving back to the community and helping others is something Andy is very involved in and adamant about. He does it because he naturally has a giving heart. I must say there is always something extraordinary about a person or a company that cares about others.

Even corporate market researchers are becoming aware of the value of a good company. What does this mean to your business? Market research is finding that there is a strong correlation between profits and socially responsible companies. Even in economic downturns companies that continue to engage society with a lending hand and ethical behavior tend to sustain or increase value. In a recent blog article circulated by Harvard Business review, click here, Umair Haque researches the mainstream of businesses that pursue Corporate Social Responsibility and its value-added results. Referencing studies by KLD, a leading investment research firm, CSR Magazine and other resources, Umair writes that research shows, “ethical leaders outperformed the growth of the S&P 500 by 35% in 2010.”

The giving of what you have been given is an age old rule that businesses are now becoming more aware of. If you take the position of lead by example then I.B.I.S., Inc is a good example of the positive impact that responsible companies portray in the lives of others. Andy’s infusion of giving has gone back years before any current market trends. As stated before, he does it because he naturally has a giving heart.

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