5 Critical Components of a Modern Supply Chain

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If your business is like most, you’re up against fierce competition, thinning margins, and the challenge of pleasing customers and vendors every day. So efficient supply chain management is more important than ever. Advanced Supply Chain Software™ gives you the tools you need to manage the 5 critical components of a modern supply chain.

Managing Inventory

Maintaining optimal inventory numbers is vital to your bottom line. Too much leads to lost profits and high carrying costs. With too few, you may face dissatisfied consumers and loss of ongoing business. You need complete visibility into your entire inventory. And you get it with Advanced Inventory Management™. Its features let you see customer reserved inventory, vendor-managed inventory, and obsolete inventory. You also get advanced shipping and receiving date control, trade service price management, and much more. With accurate information at your fingertips, you can more effectively manage your inventory.

Order Management

Managing orders to keep your customers happy is a must. If your employees don’t have immediate access to customer data and product information, you risk poor satisfaction. But with Advanced Order Management™, you get everything you need to keep consumers and clients delighted. Your CSRs get quick, easy access to real-time information to provide fast, efficient service. They can see stock availability, substitutions and upselling opportunities, and stock availability. Features also include tracking lost sales, counter sales, notification of possible duplicate orders and visibility into how much the customer needs to spend to qualify for the next discount level.

Revenue Management

Pricing and cost management can help you compete and thrive. That means you need Advanced Revenue Management™. This feature-rich software lets you optimize pricing and manage multi-tiered discounts, rebates, chargebacks, deductions, bids, and much more. Get full visibility into every factor affecting your revenue.

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