4 Programs to Optimize Your Supply Chain Performance

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If you want to compete in the current business environment, you need to make the most of your supply chain. Manually managing processes, or using a non-automated method is inefficient. Fortunately, maximizing supply chain performance is easy with these four programs — all of which are part of Advanced Supply Chain Software™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Advanced Revenue Management™

Gain financial clarity, stay competitive, get the power to optimize pricing, and boost the bottom line with Advanced Revenue Management software. Robust features help you maximize profits. Advanced pricing lets you manage multi-tiered discounts. Cost to serve management lets you know which customers provide the most profit. Other features include deductions management, cost deviations, advanced rebates, and sales program with deal workbench.

Advanced Order Management™

Advanced Order Management software gives you the tools you need to offer outstanding customer service. You get immediate access to customer and product data. Get a complete picture of stock availability, backorder management, lost sales tracking, duplicate order checking, and more. Your CSRs have the information they need, instantly. That translates to less time spent on hold, and happy customers.

Advanced Inventory Management™

You need to have the right amount at the right time of the right products in inventory, if you want to optimize your bottom line. That’s why Advanced Inventory Management software is crucial. It provides full visibility into your inventory and includes features like obsolete inventory management, consignment inventory, customer reserved/allocated inventory, vendor performance management, and more.

Advanced Procurement Management™

Advanced Procurement Management software gives you instant access to all your procurement documents and vendor agreements. That means you have an edge when it’s time to negotiate. Take advantage of time frames and discounts. With vendor agreements and data at your fingertips, you can get the best prices for your organization. With Advanced Procurement Management, you can keep vendor relationships strong and boost your profits.

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