3 Unique Benefits of Using Plan-to-Profit

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Companies managing their business with the standard Order-to-Cash methodology now have a better option that can help them maximize their bottom line. Now easier to implement thanks to specialized software and the Internet, the Plan-to-Profit approach gives management a new set of tools that can help them compete in a crowded and increasingly challenging marketplace. In fact, by replacing the outmoded O2C method with the Plan-to-Profit model, organizations gain three significant benefits.

1.  Eliminate Guesswork

Using Plan-to-Profit and the advanced software that makes it possible, distributors now have access to the in-depth data they need to meet or exceed their goals. Insights into decreasing margins, the impact of rebates, and much more is right at your fingertips. That means no more guesswork when it’s time to make important decisions affecting your organization.

2.  Streamlined Business Processes Help Boost Profits

Reduced margins are often a reality for today’s manufacturers, retailers and distributors alike. That’s why streamlining business processes to help meet margins is so important. With the implementation of the Plan-to-Profit approach, readily available analytics and business intelligence allow executives to make the timely decisions needed to promote increased profits.

3.  Know Which Customers Are Your Most Profitable

With accurate, real-time data for every transaction, managers can easily access relevant information about their customers’ buying behavior. Get cost-to-serve data so you can focus on providing specials or other incentives to your most profitable customers. See where sales are increasing or decreasing, by customer. Armed with quick access to this important data, you can focus your efforts where you will realize the biggest gains.

Advanced Supply Chain Software™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365, powered by I.B.I.S., Inc. is the perfect solution for distributors looking to take advantage of the Plan-to-Profit model.

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